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Thursday, March 31, 2005


I am always amazed at the power of breath.

Just three deep breathes and I can feel relaxation in my body. This is why breathing is such an important aspect to meditation. Through Breathing we bring in positive, relaxing energy and breathing out we release the tension and anxiety build up inside. I use the three breathes technique all throughout the day. When I'm driving in the car, (especially when driving in the car so that I do not became over-taken with rage/anger)when I'm blogging, when I'm reading, or even when I'm in the shower.

As Thich Nhat Hanh says:

Let us enjoy our breathing.
Breathing in--I feel I am alive.
Breathing out--I smile to life.
To Life…smiling to life

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Meredith said...

Right, one can't remain tense while breathing mindfully.

And how can we not smile when we read TNH's precious words?

Amadeus said...

Watching my breath helps me out tremendously when I have stress. It is a great gift.

Interestingly enough, my partner could never get into meditation or the idea of "being mindful". However, after reading an article on "mindful breathing for non-buddhists", she tried it. As a stressed out gradeschool teacher, she found it to work for her. She told me one morning that she felt much better, more calm, better sleep, more focus during the day.

If she found peace within because of it, there must be something to it.


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