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Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Fleeting Nature of Life

I've been watching this coverage on the death of the Pope and it brings me to ponder and meditate of the fragile nature of life. Even the greatest spiritual leaders are not immune to the impermanence of death. It is a stark reminder to live life in a way that one is ready to face death in any moment and die the way that we have lived.

With each breath we live and with each exhale we die.

Change is inevitable and allows us chances to grow and reach ever closer to pure, constant and peaceful enlightenment.

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Meredith said...

Hi James,
I have been considering death a lot recently, also, with the Schiavo case and now the Pope. There was so much puplic struggle with each of these individual's deaths.

I agree with you about the fragile nature and impermanence of life. However, I have been focusing on softening the edges of the way I view death. My father died in January, and I was with him at his bedside his final days and moments. It was a peaceful death, all very natural, graceful in a way. Watching him pass, I was not afraid, indeed, I felt strengthened and comforted by the amazing cycle of life. Though I have felt sadness and grief at the loss of my precious Dad, I am a peace with his passing.

It seems that if we do not cling, do not grasp, but let life flow as it will, in our acceptance we will find inner peace, and in this,we do reach closer to that pure enlightenment.

"James" said...

Hey Meredith,

Acceptance is a HUGE lesson in life and I am glad that you learned this and more from you father's death. I am sorry for your lose, however.

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