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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Pope Benedict the XVI on Eastern Religions

Special thanks to Bhikkhu's Blog for bringing my attention to this information:

The new Pope, Benedict the XVI, (aka Cardinal Ratzinger) on Buddhism;

In 1997 Ratzinger said that Europeans attracted to Buddhism were actually seeking an "autoerotic spirituality" that offers "transcendence without imposing concrete religious obligations." Hindusim, he said, offers "false hope," in that it guarantees "purification" based on a "morally cruel" concept of reincarnation resembling "a continuous circle of hell." At the time, Cardinal Ratzinger predicted that Buddhism would replace Marxism as the Catholic church's main enemy.

Source - Rabbi Lerner at

Wow, Pope Benedict the XVI!! Now is that really a good way to foster better relations with other religions?? I guess it is lucky for you that Buddhists tend to be easy to forgive and work with, eh?

Buddhists (for the most part) could care less what religion you belong to because in the end it is your individual karma which will decide what happens to you after this life. Buddhists are more concerned about bettering themselves and helping others regardless of religion, race, sex, etc., Buddhists see all religions as adequate vehicles of peace and spiritual progress. One day perhaps the Catholics will agree.


-Peace to us all (Including the Catholics *WINK*)-

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Dharmavidya said...

Yes, it is hard to see what some religious people are so frightened of. A religion is supposed to make one more loving. All the best - Dharmavidya

lauermar said...

Self-riteousness isn't a virtue either, David. How do you know your beliefs aren't all smoke and mirrors? You don't know until you die. If you're wrong, the joke's on you.

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