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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Spring Snow Storm: Sangha report

Colorado received a typical wet, spring snow storm today and it really reminded me about the changing nature of everything. Just when we think that spring time has arrived we get reminded that anything can happen through 6 inches of snow.

I blew off some steam shoveling the drive way and the 2 other drive ways in our triplex.

I then went up to sit with the Peaceful Heart Sangha in Fort Collins and it was such a wonderful, peaceful experience.

I have visited with one other sangha before this one and that one just didn't feel right.

This one, however, felt like I had returned home.

It was nice to connect with a family of other Buddhists in person.

-Peace to you all.- Posted by Hello

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1 comment:

Amadeus said...

Wow! That is a storm. (nice photo)

Shoveling snow can be great for that. Unfortunately, we don't get enough snow to even warrenting owning a snow shovel. :(


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