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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Tulips on a Rainy Day

Some people do not like rain but I find it to be very refreshing. It cleans the Earth and I also look at it as a chance to clean our hearts too. The rain is symbolic of washing away our attachments and suffering.

These flowers were just outside the parking lot of my bank and I thought they looked so beautiful on this raining day. They are a wonderful symbol of the beautiful and yet fleeting nature of our own lives.

I hope this picture brings a smile to your face and heart and that you are having a wonderful day.

-Peace to you all-

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Nacho said...

Hi! Thanks for posting to my blog! I've also taken the liberty to add you to my blog list. I hope you don't mind.

You know, I also like the rain. I find rainy, gloomy days quite inspirational at times. Here in Oregon we get plenty of it, and although it can get "heavy" at times, it is most often refreshing. Maybe more years here will change my mind. Of course, before here I lived in Ithaca, NY for almost a year. There we had snow all the time. Beautiful snow, the prettiest snowfalls ever, but cold, icy, slippery, etc. So, rain is not so bad. One of the sisters from Deer Park Monastery noted that she prefers to think of the rain as waters of compassion flowing over us. I do also. Most definitely! Thanks again.

"James" said...

"she prefers to think of the rain as waters of compassion flowing over us."

I LOVE THAT!! Thank-you for sharing that with me and you're welcome. I really like your blog.

L.L.E. said...

what a BEAUTIFUL picture! i ADORE tulips, but cannot get them to grow in my garden. hmph.

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