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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Buddha Within, Buddha Without

My feet softly follow the footsteps of the Buddha and I realize that my feet are not different then those of the Great Buddha.

I breath in the sweet oxygen in the air and realize that it is the same oxygen which filled the lungs of the Buddha.

I bow to the trees that I pass knowing that they are Buddhas too.

I smile as the birds sing knowing that they are singing the song of the Buddhas.

This body contains the Great Buddhas of impermance as well as the entire Universe.

Everything is united into one body as consciousness ebbs and flows like the tides of the great oceans.

Everything is empty and therefore more precious then the largest diamond.

Awake and realize your True Nature of freedom.


-Peace to us all-

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Amadeus said...

Thank you for the words. Most definately an inspiration. ~Amadeus

Paul said...

Hi James - I notice that in your recent post you cite the Pope's negative remarks on belief in reincarnation. You also mention:

"Buddhists (for the most part) could care less what religion you belong to because in the end it is your individual karma which will decide what happens to you after this life."

In upcoming posts to my blog, I'm planning to try and go into the topic of what kind of common ground world religions can find.

My reading in Buddhism has been eclectic, but to me the most wonderful thing is that the stuff I've read doesn't emphasize the sorts of things people argue about. I can tell that you are also looking toward increased understanding among faiths.

I wonder though, about emphasizing things like karma, the resurrection of Christ, the belief that Mohammed was the Seal of the Prophets, etc. In a way, they all seem to me to belong in the same category of things it's hard for me to see people around the coming to agree about.

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