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Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Ascetic Life

As kusa grass, wrongly grasped,
Only cuts one’s hand,
So the ascetic life, wrongly taken up,
Drags one down to hell.-

"Connected Discourses of the Buddha"

Copyright Wisdom Publications 2001. Reprinted from "Daily Wisdom: 365 Buddhist Inspirations," edited by Josh Bartok, with permission of Wisdom Publications, 199 Elm St., Somerville MA 02144 U.S.A,

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andi said...

I crave simplicity sometimes.

I remember seeing an episode of some cop show where the protagonist had to go undercover in jail. The shot of the jail cell, which was completely bare and empty of anything except a cot, a toilet and a sink, was stunningly beautiful to me.

Don't get me wrong - the bars on the cell made it much less attractive. But for just a moment I sighed in longing.

"James" said...

Andi: I know what you mean.

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