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Sunday, July 31, 2005

7th Generation Products

Maybe you are familiar with these biofriendly products and hopefully you have some of them in amongst your cleaning products. We have always wanted to buy these products but since we do not have much money we always thought that they were out of our price range. Well, today while shopping at the local grocery store we decided that an extra $2 was worth being able to help support eco-friendly companies. We decided that we should buy everyone of their products when available instead of getting the Showtime movie channel. We need to set our priorities straight. We do not need Showtime and we can make a difference in buying these products and that makes us feel better about our ecological foot print. Buying Showtime does very little to nothing in helping our environment.

The product that we bought today is liquid fabric softner which is biodegradeable and non-toxic as well as non-petroleum or animal product based. These are the only ingredients: Soy, lavender oil, preservative (less then 0.05%) and water. That's it!

The 7th Generation company has other products such as paper towels, dish detergent, house hold cleaner and non-toxic bleach. If you can afford it I urge you to buy at least one of their products. You can even find some dollar off coupons for everyone of their products @ their website. Go HERE.

Every little bit helps!

-Peace to all sentient beings-

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xxan said...

I'll put it on my next shopping list, but it'll be other - Belgian/European - brands of course.


Amadeus said...

Thanks for the tip. My partner and I tend to buy products that are bio-friendly, but sometimes it is hard to find them in everything. Dish Detergent being one of them.


Genevieve said...

Here is a great line I use:

WORX Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products are the ultimate in high performance nature-based cleaners that are non-toxic, safe to use and fully biodegradable, yet competitively priced. WORX natural cleaning products are ideal for house cleaning, commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning, and institutional use. WORX natural cleaners do not adversely affect the health of humans, animals, fish and plants. Natural cleaning works best -

James said...

xxan: Good for you!! Yey!!!

amadeus: You're welcome.

Genevieve: Thanks for the heads up on the worx line. I'll be checking them out.

mangadezi said...

Just a note about the name-- the company attributes it to the Iroqouis Confederacy, but the Three Fires (Ojibwe, Odawa, Potawatomi), or Anishinabe, have used that term for as long as I can remember.
It is about doing all things for the benefit of those who come after you-- not just for your children and grandchildren, but for seven generations after you.
In terms of the environment, most tribal groups looked upon it as something they were expected to protect and preserve--to be stewards of--and ownership was not a concept they embraced until after contact with the early settlers.
I'm glad to see that an environmentally conscious company has adopted the name 7th Generation and are trying to foster more awareness.
Another teaching you hear in Native circles is that we are all connected--and all related--something that I think has great meaning within the Buddhist community as well.

"James" said...


Living out here in the western U.S. I grew up with great respect for the Native American nations. I agree that many of their views on life and the environment are exactly right on and similar to Buddhism.

nativeplants said...

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