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Monday, July 18, 2005

The Sharp Diamond of Infinite Truth

I feel that no one can lead another to truth, because truth is infinite; it is a pathless land, and no one can tell you how to find it. No one can teach you to be an artist; another can only give you the brushes and canvas and show you the colours to use.

You cannot discover the path, because there is no path, Truth is a thing that is living, and to a living thing there is no path - it is only to dead things that there can be a path. Truth being pathless, to discover it you must be adventurous, ready for danger; and do you think a guru will help you to be adventurous, to live in danger? To seek a guru obviously indicates that you are not adventurous, that you are merely seeking a path to reality as a means of security.


James's Comment: I need to read more Krishnamurti!! He speaks like a diamond. Cutting through the bull sh*t and getting straight to the matter. These two paragraphs remind me of my master Thich Nhat Hanh saying, "There is no way to happiness, rather happiness is the way." In the end we have to leave the security and predictability of our masters side and see with our own eyes the infinite truth. We need to remind ourselves that we are all interconnected at all times thus we will always have our master inside ourselves. This frees us up to see the world (existence) for it's true nature of interconnectivity and creates chances for us to touch all beings with our compassion and engaged practice.

-Peace to us all-

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