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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Truth: A Pathless Land

But truth is not (an accumulation); it is really a pathless land; it may be at the next curve of the road, or a thousand miles away. You have to keep going and then you will find it beside you.

There is no path to reality. Reality is a pathless land, and you must venture out and discover it for yourself. It is because you are frightened inwardly that you depend on something, on the priest, or on a belief, and so you get caught in the net of an organized religion.


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isaiah said...

I value these words- and have found that the road, unguided and with no 'teacher' of physical reality is...the teacher.

The Buddha nature inside each of us, our shadow self waiting to be exposed to the light-for what it is- lightness being, never steers us down the 'wrong' pathway- each path, each step is THE right path and the perfect step for our emergence into the reality of pure being.

These words of Krishnamurti feel good as I read them again and again- Thank you for your post.

"James" said...

isaiah: well said brother. I especially like "The Buddha nature inside all of us, our shadow self waiting to be exposed to the light-"

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