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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Fun with a Fox

Last night we went over to the parent's house for my father's birthday. After dinner Lori was out on the front porch talking to her parents in New Orleans about the in-coming hurricane when we spotted a fox in the park across the street.

I notified the neighbors and the rest of the family in the house and we sat there and watched this beautiful fox (picture not the fox we saw but similar) jump and play in the park. He/she was not in the least bit worried about us. It was so cute to watch this little fox jump and stretch out in the grass. Then my mean, trouble-maker of a brother-in-law picked up a rock and threw it at the poor fox!! Thankfully the fox just twitched a little and went back to playing and eating grass.

A little while later he trotted across the street towards us and ran along our fence line into my parent's back-yard and my mother and I quietly followed. We creeped up around the hedge to see the fox poking his head around the big trunk of one of the cotton wood trees. He/she just watched us with the sun setting lighting up it's face. It was so beautiful to watch.

Finally, the fox ran into the neighbor's yard behind my parent's house but not before making a quick stop into my parents garden to do a little digging in the dirt. This is a house owned by a very elderly man who has been in the nursing home for years. Thus, his back-yard and garden is very over-grown. We figured that the fox lived back in there due to the over-grown plants.

The neighbors on the right then told us that he/she must have stolen their dogs squeeky toy and right about then we heard the fox playing with the squeeky toy in that over-grown backyard!! It was SO CUTE to hear it playing with this dog toy. He/she just wanted to play and have fun being a fox.

Overall it was such a beautiful experience to watch this beautiful creature interact with the environment around us.

-Peace to all beings-

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bricotrout said...

seems like some sentientr beings are already 'there' eh? good post

bricotrout said...

i REALLY need to start proof reading my comments before hitting that 'enter' button!!
btw, the word verification this time was zfvgujwi... THATS a tuff one to get right

isaiah said...

What a blessing- how the extraordinary experience witnessed in nature enrichens and envigorates us.

"James" said...

bricotrout: yeah, I think that animals seem to be a lot less arrogant and driven ego then humans.

yeah the word verification words are tough on blogger. Ugh.

Isaiah: Yes, it was so wonderful to look into those beautiful eyes of this fox and see my buddha nature within them.

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