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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Rough Day

I wanted to apologize for not posting anything yesterday. I wasn't feeling very "Buddhist" yesterday. I was feeling depressed, cranky and just overall selfish. My bipolar was kickin' me around something fierce so I never got around to posting anything too inspirational but I am alive and feeling better today.

I just have to keep reminding myself that the present moment is beautiful and wonderful even though you might be sifting through garbage.

-Peace to us all-

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Zen Unbound said...

By the power granted to me as one of your readers, I grant you occassional days off. Domini, dictim, aurora borealis.

With this sprinkling of holy water [sprinkle, sprinkle], you are clensed of past sins and granted absolution.

Your future lease on a condominium in Nirvana remains in force.

isaiah said...

Behind all, even confusion and depression is Clear Mind.

Glad you're back up and kickin'!

Sujatin said...

Soetimes there are days like that....hope this will be a much beter one.

Beth said...

i'm so sorry you were feeling so bad. as isaiah said, Clear Mind is behind all of the garbage you are sifting through. just think of it as big dark clouds making their way across your sky. may you see blue sky soon!

James said...

Tom: Thanks!!

Isaiah: So very true. Dharma includes everything. "Good" and "bad."

sujatin: thanks for the support. today is much better.

haikupoet: thanks for the reminder. The cloud thing is something i have used in the past but had forgotten.

Meredith said...

Days come and go, good ones and bad. Remember to look for peace in the present moment, wonderful moment, and remember that I am always holding you in the Light, dear Friend. Glad to hear that today is better.

Amadeus said...

Oh don't worry. I go dayz without posting and can't bring myself to appoligize for it. It is good, keeps people on their toes. Permanance just spoils everybody.


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