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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Siren Meditation in the Rain

I bought a floor cushion the other day to help raise my pelvis and prevent my legs from falling asleep and I think that it should work well. I tried it out this morning and only had minimal tingling in my legs.

Anyway, it was a beautiful morning to meditate as it has been raining all morning long. Such relaxing rain with it's accompanying, wonderful smells. Well, about mid-way through my meditation I heard sirens and they were especially loud since we live near the local hospital.

At first I was annoyed with the loud, screaming sirens. I was upset that the noises had "interrupted" my beautiful silence. Then it hit me. I have come to rely too much on silence in my meditation. I realized that I have been craving and clinging to silence in order to have a "good" meditative experience. Well, that changed this morning as I then decided to concentrate on the sirens and not on blocking them out and a beautiful thing happened. I began to meditate on the person that was in the ambulance and cultivating compassion toward their emergency and prayed that they would be alright and at least calm and peaceful if they were going to pass on.

The sirens I was hearing became a cry for help and soon that cry was throbbing inside my heart. I began to hear them as loud voices screaming, "Someone is hurt!! Please help us help them and clear the road. Please think kind thoughts for and about this person. They need our compassion right now. Stop what you are doing for a few seconds and send them love and peace."

This changed my entire meditation session completely and I will no longer become annoyed when I hear sirens during meditation. I will try to be with these people in their moment of need whether I am meditating or in the car or where ever. I will send them my heart and my strength in their moment of need. We are all interconnected after all and need each other's help to grow and flourish in this existence.

I have chills on my arms as I am finishing this post. I learned a nice, little lesson today and for that I am forever thankful to all beings.

-Peace to all beings-

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Beth said...

that is truly a great lesson you learned today!

"James" said...

haiku: yeah, it was beautiful.

Paul said...

What kind of meditation do you do? The sitting meditations in Buddhism that I'm aware of, and also contemplative prayer in Christianity, involve trying to quiet the mind completely - not even kind or generous thoughts.

What you're doing sounds worthwhile and helpful. Just different from what I think of as "meditation."

Nacho said...

James, what a great post. Thanks for sharing it. It sounds like wonderful insight that emerged from the mindfulness you nurture. Great example of looking deeply, and of insight arising when we embrace mindfulness and concentration. I will be relating this message and the great "ambulance/siren" practice to my sangha! Thanks,


isaiah said...

Your compassion shines through like a million suns. How blessed you are in this realization and abandonment of yourself for your Self. There is no doubt you learned a great lesson today- and we, too, learn through your eyes.

andi said...

wonderful post. thank you, as always, for the inspiration. :)

"James" said...

paul: I practice sitting meditation where I try and clear my mind but sometimes I use mantras to help calm my mind first. I also practice slow, mindful walking meditation. Thanks for visiting and commenting to the discussion.

nacho: Thank-you. Take care friend.

isaiah: Yes, I am greatful for this lesson and it makes me smile to know others have learned something too. :)

andi: Thank-you for commenting. I hope your day is going well.

camilyn said...


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