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Monday, August 22, 2005

Soul Portrait

Lori and I went up to Fort Collins this saturday to the "Nepal Tibet Import" store to buy a Kwan Yin statuette.

The store is located in the "old town" section of the city and when we walked our way back to the car we saw that some kind of festival was going on.

Turns out it was this huge festival called the "" where we ran into a artist's booth doing "soul portraits.

The artist is Katerine Skaggs and she is a very in-tune artist. Anyway, she does these "soul portraits" of people after talking to them about different aspects of their lives and tapping into past lives as well. This one is of me and It reflects my many past lives as a monk and a shaman in traditional African and Native American civilizations.

The lotus flower rests just above my heart chakra and my "third eye" is activated and radiating in my middle, lower fore head. The ironic thing is that Kwan Yin is connected with the "third eye chakra" and that would explain the bursting love and compassion that my sensitive heart experiences. My aura radiates pink, purple and yellow/gold light reflecting my strong, loving energy. The feather necklace reflects my love and connection with nature and my shamanic lives.

It is a very beautiful gift (even though I had to pay for it. Hehe) from a very talented and spiritually connected being. I will be looking at this portrait often before and after meditating when I am down and depressed and feeling the heavy chains of samsara.

-Peace to all beings-

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isaiah said...

What a unique experience- and beautiful picture. An old soul- you are!

"James" said...

(bows) thank-you isaiah. blessings to you!!

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