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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Buddha Footprints

Stole this from Sujatin Johnson of Lotus in the Mud. (Her blog is excellent if you haven't check it out yet):

Buddha can't be avoided. Buddha is everywhere. Enlightenment possibilities are all over the place. Whether you're going to get married tomorrow,whether you're going to die tomorrow, whatever you may feel, that familiar...awake quality is everywhere, all the time....From this point ofview, everything is a footprint [of Buddha], anything that goes on, whether we regard it as sublime or ridiculous. Everything we do -- breathing, farting, getting mosquito bites, having fantastic ideas about reality, thinking clever thoughts, flushing the toilet -- whatever occurs is a footprint.

~Chogyam Trungpa.

James's comment: This is something that I have been wanting (and trying) to express for awhile now and Trungpa does a beautiful, honest and humorous (can't forget humor! I love the farting bit the most!!) job of expressing the footprints of the Buddhas and (I would include) Bodhisattvas.

-Peace to all beings-

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ash said...

It may be called "the dullest blog in the world" but I for one find it a good illustration of mindfullness. Highly relaxing, even to read. And it makes me smile too.

isaiah said...

Well said!

Sujatin said...

Keep eating the lentils!

Belly said...

A few years ago when I lived in California my daughter went to the Tara Redwood Preschool which is located in the Land of the Medicine Buddha. Anyways, she came home one day talking about something rather similar - the ubiquity of buddha. She told me how buddha was everywhere and we can learn and then she looked up at me and threw her arms in the air and said " Buddha Buddha Buddha, all I hear is Buddha, I am tired of Buddha," and then wandered off. I am not sure she got as much from the teaching as I did...then again, perhaps hers was the perfect 5 year old response.

Thanks again!

bohemiantroubadour said...

Right on!!!

Sophia said...

I always thought my cat Pancho looked like Buddha! (The one with the big belly. *giggles*)

"James" said...

Belly: How CUTE!!

Stacey: I think cat's DEFINITELY have Buddha nature. :)

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