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Friday, September 09, 2005

An Evening with Thay

(I just love this picture of Thay showing us to cherish the water that we drink).

On Tuesday night we drove up to Denver to hear Thay speak and it was so refreshing.

He spoke about all of us beings being different "cells" within a larger "organism" of "existence." Yet we all have different qualities just as heart cells are different from brain cells.

He then spoke about his hands and said that he was right handed. However, he said that did not mean that his left hand was jealous. :)

Thay went on to talk about an experience he had hanging up a picture. He was holding the nail with his left hand and hammering with his right when he came down on his left thumb. This of course caused his left thumb pain and so he instantly put the hammer and picture down to comfort his left hand with his right.

He spoke on other topics as well but the above was what stuck with me the most.

-Peace to all beings-

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Nacho said...

James, glad you went to see Thay! What a wonderful picture that is indeed. Thanks for the post.

isaiah said...

What a blessing James!

Beth said...

wow! that is so great that you got to see him.
if he ever comes even close to new york, i'm there.
i just love listening to his voice. also, what a great picture. thanks.

M.D. Shellhammer said...

Thank you for blogging on Thay's teachings, my wife and I never made it up to see him as we had planned.

"James" said...

nacho: yeah, it was great! Yeah, I really like that picture. I think it really shows his innocence and compassion.

Isaiah: yeah, it is a blessing that will be with me always.

haikupoet: I hope that you get to see him. Yeah, his voice is so gentle and sweet. Thanks, I found this picture through google. It is very tender.

"James" said...

mark: I'm sorry you were not able to make it to the talk. I hope I was able to capture at least some of it with this post for you.

bohemiantroubadour said...

Glory be. The funk is on me.

"James" said...


Great rhyme!

marlaine said...

i went to see tnh recently...and i loved the 'story' about the hands as well...for me it was such a simple realization, but one that has such powerful implications
i'm glad you enjoyed your visit with him :)
[came here via nacho's blog]

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