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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Faith Is the Basis of Meditation

An act of meditation is actually an act of faith--of faith in your spirit, in your own potential. Faith is the basis of meditation. Not of faith in something outside you--a metaphysical buddha, an unattainable ideal, or someone else's words. The faith is in yourself, in your own "buddha-nature." You too can be a buddha, an awakened being that lives and responds in a wise, creative, and compassionate way.

-Martine Batchelor, "Meditation for Life"

James's comment: This is the exact teaching that I needed to hear today as usual.

-Peace to all beings-

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M.D. Shellhammer said...

You know James, I can always count on coming here for some spiritual nourishment. Thank you :)

Belly said...

James, again wow! How did you know ;) Exactly the reminder I was needing today and this week really. Honestly, I am thinking of putting it up on my door to remind myself everyday as I head out into the world. Faith in myself and my own abilities is something I need to cultivate more actively.

Once again, Thank you!

Take care :)

"James" said...


I have NO idea. We are all learning together here on this blog and I appreciate your kind words.

May we all find peace in each moment and not worry about the future.

"James" said...


I am pleased and happy that you find spiritual nourishment here. You are welcome here always.

May this comment find you in peace and love.

gratefulbear said...

To me, "buddha-nature" is very similar to (maybe the same as) the "kingdom of God within you" that Jesus talked about. Both terms are ways of talking about the inner spark of the divine nature within us. That inner spark connects us all as brothers and sisters, so compassion is a natural response when we truly get in touch with it.

"James" said...

grateful bear:

I agree with you very much. I also believe that Jesus was a Buddha. I too agree that this is the connection that brings up together.

Be well.

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