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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Love Yourself

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.


James's comment: The picture is an abstract computer art heart.

Now on to the teaching: This is an important reminder and teaching for myself. I am very good at being compassionate to others, helping with their suffering and offering unconditional love.

However, I have always had a hard time loving myself and giving myself the "love and affection" that I deserve. I have struggled with alot of self-doubt and even self-hatred for many years.

I am happy to annouce, however, that I have been working hard on this issue and I have made significant ground but I can always improve.

It is always amazingly beautiful to me that the teachings that I need in the moment arrive when needed. This is truly another way to interpret the Buddhist saying that, "the teacher will arrive when the student is ready."

-Peace to all beings-

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Belly said... is spooky...I was recently writing about my current challenges and appearance of teachers. Well more recognition of teacher I suppose.

And an excellent reminder indeed! I often ponder my illness and have really come to realize that it is a physical manifestation of years of running myself ragged and caring for everyone but myself. A lesson I learned well from my own mother. And now determined not to pass it on to my daughter I work hard to challenge this behaviour.

Thank you for sharing yet another well timed reminder!

Beth said...

thanks for this, james. i think this is the most important lesson we can learn.

isaiah said...

Use the power of your own voice and words to tell yourself who you really are and that you love yourself. It may sound silly but it is something we must learn before loving others. We must know who we are, that we are a manifestation of pure Love. Everything that gets in the way of this process is meant to be there...but it's all illusion and fraught with emotions pulling us away from our intended realization.

The shadow self, that part of us we'd rather not talk about, rather not show is precious and beautiful and venerable to higher energy levels of compassion and love.

Joseph Campbell states "One thing that comes out in myths is that at the bottom of the abyss comes the voice of salvation. The black moment is the moment when the real message of transformation is going to come. Out of darkness comes the light."

"To this day, God is the name by which I designate all things which cross my willful path violently and recklessly, all things which upset my subjective views, plans and intentions and change the course of my life for better or worse."
C.G. Jung

bohemiantroubadour said...

I clean my gun, and dream of Galveston.

"James" said...


It is spooky and an excellent reminder.


I do too. I all comes down to love.


Thanks for that.

Bohemian: Huh?

Amadeus said...

She was 21 when I left Galveston

Anyways,it is a challenge to often show love for ourselves. It is more than just patting ourselves on the back. It is about nurturing the inner child that has been neglected.

I once remember this show where this guy was having internal issues and turmoil and a young child manifested himself to the guy. Concerned for the boy, he hugged and comforted him telling him that everthing was going to be alright. Turns out the boy was himself as a young and frightened youth. That always stuck with me as what we should do sometime for ourselves.


BTW: If anyone can guess what show that was you will get a free can of spam.

Gareth said...

No idea what show that was. Looks like I'm safe from the Spam.

I was also talking about the appearance of teachers yesterday, and the appearance of teachings.

Often it seems they appear in places that we had looked at many times before, but were unable to recognise them until our minds were ready to recieve that teaching.

"James" said...


No clue on the show.

I'm glad that you mentioned nurturing that inner child. I think that is a very important distinction to make. It is important to find a balance between loving ourselves and not clinging to this notion of our seperatness from everything/everyone else.

I think this clinging to ourself is what brings about feeling self-hatred. Because if we do believe that we are not seperate from others then we should feel vast amounts of love for ourselves.


Yeah, It is like going into a room and not remembering what you were looking for. Or looking at a word you have seen a million times but at that moment it appears strange and foreign to you/us.

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