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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Reason and Common Sense in Buddhism

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.


James's comment: This is one of the reasons that I decided to follow the Buddhist path. I like the fact that the Buddha said, "don't take my word for it" kind of thing. Many religions push to get people to believe their way and Buddhism (from what I can tell) does not. Buddhism teaches us to look and see for ourselves.

I like the idea that we are responsible for our own "salvation."

P.S.~Isn't that Buddha statue beautiful? I really love where it is located. It looks gorgeous!! It's in Malaysia.

-Peace to all beings-

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isaiah said...

Such an incredibly beautiful monument to Being.

What power is there to use over others when following the words of Buddha? It saddens me to think of those who judge Buddhists for worshiping images of the Buddha. They do not realize this is not the case at all. The image of the Buddha is to remind us of his words, simply borrowed from Infinite Spirit- that is all. When I look into the face of the Buddha I see the face of every man, women and child, all sentient beings staring back at me.

zlyrica said...

Lack of understanding comes great delusion,
And fear(of condemnation) clouds ppl with wrong views.

You might find this a good read...

with metta

Belly said...

Lovely, it is the same reason that I began to explore buddhism as well.

andi said...

it is beautiful. it's one of those images i would love to put on my desktop. i'm just too Attached (yeah, i know) to the picture of duckie, my own little buddha-girl.

BTW, as a public service announcement, the Dalai Lama will be appearing on Karry King Live Sunday night at 9, EST. Check your local listings.

James said...

isaiah: you are spot on. most buddhist's bow to buddha statues as a way to acknowledge and be respectful to the infinite buddha within all of us.

zlyrica: yes, right understanding is critical to finding liberation. thanks for the link.

belly: how cool!!

andi: thanks for telling us all about the Dalai Lama's visit on Larry King Live. It is about time they get Dr. Phil off of that show.

gratefulbear said...

This is indeed a beautiful monument to the Buddha Nature within us all. Thank you for posting it!

many blessings,
Grateful Bear

Gareth said...

That's a wonderful teaching James, and one that I will be carrying with me in the time ahead, considering my current situation.

Best Wishes


Nacho said...

Yes indeed, the teaching to the Kalamas (usually referred to as the Kalama Sutra). I've always found that the Buddha's admonition to "be a light unto yourself" was one of the best teachings. I also like the Kalama cite to be experiential in our practice and not tied to any particular ideology. Thay picks that up wonderfully. In terms of Buddhology, the Kalama Sutra is suspect as a real teaching of the Buddha, but in terms of the "spirit" of Zen Buddhism it is, I think, right on. Thanks for sharing it again here James, and for the picture. Both beautiful.

Nacho said...

Oh, Belly: Sorry to hear about the troubles with the person. I would have liked to read more of your blog, and to engage you in conversation. Your description of "agnostic buddhistic leaning" resonates deeply with me.

"James" said...

grateful bear: i'm glad you enjoy it as well. You're very welcome.

gareth: I am glad that you found this to be helpful. I hold this teaching often in my heart to help me remain mindful and true to myself.

nacho: Yeah, It doesn't bother me if the Buddha said it or not. It certainly feels to me like something he would have said or other Buddhas and Bodhisattvas after him.

"James" said...


I'm sorry to hear about your situation with your blog. Know that you are always welcome here.

Belly said...

Nacho, Buddhist blogger ~ thank you both kindly. I will still blog but will leave some of my personal details out. I have found writing to be the best medium for me to sort through things and allowing others to read it challenges my need to send everyone away so really, I just can't stop now.

Again, thank you for your comments on that, lets me know that people really do read it.


"James" said...

Belly: you're very welcome. Keep on keepin' on!!

Belly said...

Nacho~ I had meant to add that a conversation on agnostic buddhist would be great fun seeing as how most people just look at me oddly ;)

I look forward to catching up with you,

Chodpa said...

Hi there ... I just 'discovered' your blog ... and really enjoyed what I read.

I'd just like to ask, where is this statue in Malaysia?

very best wishes to you in the Dharma,


Ladyred said...

enjoyed reading your blog so far. as a girl raised catholic, as soon as i could *decide for myself* i began to realize my unhappiness with religion. i have issues believing in many things, and in seeking my own inner peace i've turned to buddhism/taoism. so i'm slowly learning....and living....

"James" said...


Welcome to my blog! I think that Buddha statue is at the Chin Swee temple in Genting Highlands, Malaysia.

Interestingly enough they call it the "city of entertainment" as it is also home to a casion and roller coaster!

Lady Red:

Welcome to this blog and this community. I think you'll find a very accepting place here. Best of luck in your dharma path!!

Chodpa said...

Hi there ... .thanks for your welcome, and for letting me know where the statue is. Yes, Genting is home to a big 'entertainment resort' as you say. Are you in M'sia?

I lived there for 6 years - recently returning to the UK ...

take care and best wishes,


"James" said...


You're more then welcome.

I'm not in Malaysia but I would LOVE to visit. What did you do there??

Chodpa said...

Hi there, just spotted your comment ....

I was doing web design and such like ....

great times :-)

Anonymous said...

There are some part that people don't know the truth.
The only truth is Jesus Christ.
Like i might think that you know Budda was a one of the person who cultivate his mind himself. Also,
i had heard that budda said there is a God who you have to believe and it is not me. However, Buddists believe Budda and worship him and some part, they oppress other religion. I think doesn't make sense that if they truely believe in Jesus Christ then they have to believe what he said.
It is contrdict with what budda said or commend.
Also, some people might say that there are lots of similarity b/w Christainity and Buddhism. Such as the moral for adult or respect other. However, i can say that the main point of those things are differnt.
I only can say that the believe in Jesus is the only truth and can save one's life.

name1 said...

"The Rozabal Line" a fictional account by Shawn Haigins has claimed that Jesus was, in fact, Buddhist. Even today Buddhist elders travel far and wide in order to find the "reincarnation" of a previous Dalai Lama. After they find the child, he is separated from his parents and taken away to the monastery for his spiritual education. This is precisely what happened with Jesus. The three wise men were nothing but Buddhist elders and Jesus was taken away to India during his "lost years" for his spiritual education. You can get more links and sources on the subject at the author's blog at

They call him James Ure said...


Interesting, I have head about this before. I have been thinking about reading some more about it though. So thank-you for the link.

Ambud said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ambud said...

In response to there is only one truth, I like name1's response. I have also done some research on this topic, and have an article that is related on my blog:
Buddha and Christ as Brothers
If you do a search on google for esoteric christianity, you will find many amazing parables that look very buddhist to me.
I like your blog.

Ty-shaun Aristoph Coles said...

I'd like to talk with you. Would you mind checking out my blog and e-mailing me. I want to elevate mentally and I would like you to help me.

Thank you.

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