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Thursday, November 24, 2005

A Buddhist Thanksgiving

I just wanted to take this momment and tell all who read this blog that I love you deeply and hope that this day you reflect on the good things in your life. As well as sending merit and compassion to those who are in pain and suffering greatly.

May you, your family and your friends all find peace this day and all days.

I am very thankful for you all and everything that this bountiful existence offers us.

Most of all I am thankful for the Dharma which the Buddha set forth for us as a path to follow for achieving "peace in every footstep" as Thay says.

-Peace to all beings-

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Sujatin said...

Love from over the ocean - Namo Amida Bu

ae2004 said...

Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu!
May I know what will you do if you find yourself lost and no motivation in practice?

Gareth said...

I hadn't realised it was Thanksgiving yesterday - it doesn't feature much on our calender.

But thank you James, for this blog and your continued practice.

with loving kindness

"James" said...


Thank-you for the love.



I'm not sure if I understand your question. If I understand it correctly, I do get lost from time to time and I just try to keep breathing and walking forward until I find my way again.


You are very welcome. Thank-you for your wisdom.

Zen Unbound said...

Trackback: This post is cited in Blogmandu, Roundup for Nov 21 - 27, 2005.

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