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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Help the Animals of Hurricane Katrina

I received the following email from a volunteer with the Katrina animal survivors group. They are in danger of loosing many animals and this volunteer is hoping that some of you would be able to help so i am posting the email here.


Dear James,

I am an animal recovery volunteer 'on the board' for Katrina animal survivors. I am writing to you sort of in a panic because I am not sure what to do for these folks who work for the animals.  If you know of some buddhist people and organizations like tarasbabies who can shelter animals for awhile, please let these people or myself know.

 Thank you, and here are some emails that will help clairify this critical situation:

Emails from today, Sunday, 11-27-05

From Amber, Bayou Rescue (

She (Meredith) also just left a voice mail on dave’s phone that MuttShack has to be OUT BY THIS WEDNESDAY. They have to have everything in the gym by tomorrow (that means putting the 40 cats and all vet ward animals in the gym with the 70+ dogs).

I don’t know what to do at this point – they need a place that can take a lot of fosters, and take them THIS WEEK! Gosh, even 20-30 would be great.

From Metairie Rescuer:
Today, my friend, volunteers with Jane Garrison's group told me that all the feral or stray cats they caught over the last few days had to be released back because they could not keep them nor did they have a place to send. The volunteers are frustrated and so am I. Why have more volunteers when my city and state isn't doing all they can to take in EVERY animal needing assistance. I am sooo frustrated.

Kerryemails/nos. on site:

My name is Marilyn Rock

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alwaysdare said...

I hope those animals will be ok.

"James" said...


I do too, I do too. I wish I could take a few of them into my house but I am just to allergic.

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