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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Bhikkhu's Blog on Creationism

Bhikkhu's blog is a wonderful space in the blanga (as aptly named by Nacho over at Woodmoor Village) that I have listed in my "Sangha members" list on the right.

He (A Theravada monk who goes by the name Ajahn Punnadhammo) has a great explaination of the a Buddhist view on the theory of Creationism. To find this piece, scroll down a bit until you see the title, "Reply to my Creationist Correspondent." He also has a great response to evolution and in the end urges us to always seek the middle ground.

-Peace to all beings-

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Nacho said...

James, the Bhikkhu sent me an email advising me of the post of his in reply to mine in reply to his! : ) That was very nice, and he was very nice about it. I have to respond to his new post indeed. But yeah, I was glad to find his blog, I didn't realize he had one.

Thanks James! All the best,


"James" said...

Nacho: Yeah, he does seem like a very nice person. :)

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