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Thursday, December 15, 2005


All the wealth you've acquired
from beginningless time until now
has failed to fulfill all your desires.
Cultivate therefore this wish-granting gem
of moderation, O fortunate ones.

-Milarepa, "Drinking the Mountain Stream"

James's comment: This reminds me of the lyrics of the Dave Matthews Band song, "Seek Up:"

Say, say
Look at me in my fancy car
And my bank account
Oh, how I wish I could take it all down
Into my grave, I’d save and save
Take a look again, take a look again,
Take a look again...
Soon we will all find our lives swept away

James: This a perfect place to insert the mantra that goes something like this, "Chasing desire is like drinking salt water to satisfy your thrist."

-Peace to all beings-

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auspiciousgreen said...

I don't know if you have seen or heard about the problems happening down here in Australia,5936,17586545%255E421,00.html.

Since this outbreak of violence, there has been a real divide in our society here in Melbourne. A lot of racist sentiment has revealed itself, whilst peace festivals have been organised to protest such events.

Our leaders seem to be incapable of calling a spade a spade, and keep referring to the riots as simple law and order issues. Admission of the fact that they are racially motivated would probably force them to face up to their role in cultivating such attitudes. We close our gates to needy refugees, lock them up when they make it to land. Along with this, hysteria is being spread about the Islamic terror threat in Australia.

I worry about the direction our society is heading. We are becoming fearful and paranoid about other cultures, and the government is playing on this and pushing through laws that erode our civil liberties- ones as simple as the right to free speech. In the name of free speech, while it still exists, I write and inform you of the situation as it is, in Australia.

- Om Mani Padme Hung

auspiciousgreen said...

the story on the race riots.

"James" said...

Auspicious: I have been following the racial tension going on down there and it is dreadful. It is sad to know and see such brute behavior and I pray for your country and our world. I shall dedicate any merit from my meditation today to this tense situation in your country.

May those we are blind see. May those who are violent and fearful find peace.

Johnny Newt said...

Amen, James, to your post and your comment.

"James" said...

Johnny: (Bows to the Buddha within you).

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