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Sunday, December 18, 2005

I Found the Buddha at Target!!

It was a casual day out at La Boutique Target looking for a pine scented candle for the holidays when we found him.

He was hiding in between the plants and the candles sitting it deep meditation with his wonderous smile on his face that we all know and love. We asked if he'd like to come home with us and he just nodded.

He is holding a lotus flower in his hands that doubles as a tea light candle holder that casts him in soft, light shadows in the dark. Very beautiful.

We were happy to take him home and put him in a place of prominence sitting in a home with other Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

So, if you have a Target near by then you might just find the Buddha there too! If someone is really interested in buying one I would be more then happy to buy another one and ship it to you. You'd have to pay for the shipping as well though.

-Peace to everything that exists and does not exist-

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Johnny Newt said...

A lovely tribute to O'Buddha. It looks much like one you might see at the North gate shrine in Zenkoji Setsu.

Belly said...

Beautiful. I suppose you never know what you will find unless you look. Nooks and crannies, even amongst plants, can bring forth the greatest treasures.

My weeone met the lovliest squirrel in exactly that same fashion.


"James" said...

Belly: I love squirrels!! They are so cheerful and full of life.

Mikayla Starstuff said...

That is so cool. The candle is a nice touch too :)

Amadeus said...

How big is it? Looks pretty good.


james said...

Johnny: I'd love to see the shrine!!!

Mikel: Yeah, I have it on my end table right next to the door so it is the last thing I see as I leave the house. :)

Amadeus: It's about 6.5 inches tall and about 5-6 wide at the base.

"James" said...

Mikel: Yeah, I love the candle feature...It adds a nice glow to it.

Tom said...

Found at Target, eh? Buddhism and the Art of Archery.

A search for Buddha at came up with eleven hits -- all very nice, including your Buddha.

"James" said...

Tom: Buddha is INDEED in all things including Target!!

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