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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Let the Dust Clear

Just as material things are made of dust, so too are our perceptions and thoughts mere dust. Just as it takes only a moment to wipe the dust from the surface of a mirror, so it takes only a moment to become enlightened, the moment all defiled intentions are cleared from our consciousness, we will see ourselves in the mirror of perfect truth.

-Master Hsing Yun, "Describing the Indescribable"

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auspiciousgreen said...

WHat do you make of this Ram Bomjam character. Buddha incarnate? Or a newly enlightened soul.

Amod said...

I think the parasites setting up booths as if the circus has come to town are missing the point. Leave the kid alone, to do what he has to do.

"James" said...

I agree with Amod...leave the boy alone and let him be.

For what it's worth I believe that everyone has Buddha nature and that we all have the potential within us to realize Buddhahood.

We do not necessarly have to sit under a tree and fast for long periods of time to realize and see our inner Buddha nature emerge.

In the end, however, it is an interesting story that I plan to follow closely.

Thanks for bringing this story to our attention auspicious.

Nacho said...

James, I've glimpsed into my inner Buddha nature. In fact, I'm glimpsing it right now, it is sticking out of my midsection like crazy. I'm living proof that one can get it while decidedly *not* fasting! Unfortunately, I am afraid that I might lose this enlightenment when I start to lose weight. So, I've been refusing to go on a diet, or exercise, for fear of losing the buddha nature. Oh, and I figured out that the third eye is the belly button! After all those years of thinking the forehead! Go figure!

: ) James, all the best to you and yours. Have lots of fun, love, and peace.


"James" said...


I've got the Buddha belly as well...hehe. Go us, eh?

isaiah said...

This picture, sand dunes and clear blue sky is beautiful!

James said...


Yeah, It is one my favorite, spiritually uplifting pictures in my collection.

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