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Monday, December 12, 2005

Old Path, White Clouds

At Sangha yesterday before meditation we heard a brief reading from Thay's book, "Old Path, White Clouds. The section we heard was about the meditations of the Buddha during his transportation to enlightenment. The reading really set the mood for the sitting practice.

I thought the way that Thay has written this book really brings the story of the Buddha to life and I need to get this book!!

-Peace to all beings-

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Nacho said...

Wonderful book James. You'll love it. What's more, it is perfect for lingering over it. Just read a few short pieces, sip your tea, and eat your lemon cookie with powdered sugar on top (or Almond Biscotti), and sip more tea. Read a bit more the next day, and so on. Let it linger. It is a very nice book indeed.

All the Best James,


"James" said...

Nacho: Yes, it seems like a wonderful book to linger over and sippin' tea with it sounds even better!! Mmmmm...tea. Now I'm off to make a cup. :)

Nerdine said...

I haven't read this one but I read every step is peace some time ago. I love the way he writes. So simple and yet so incredibly wise!
I'll look for this one in the bookstores.

"James" said...

Nerdine: "Peace Is Every Step," is a BEAUTIFUL book. He writes in a such a soft and gentle way that is very easy for western Buddhists to understand. What a gift!!

Gareth said...

A wonderful writer, I must expand my library in this direction.

Perhaps it's time to look at The Order of Interbieng again.

"James" said...

Gareth: Yes, TNH is such a crisp and clear writer. I really relate to his balanced and engaged approach to Buddhism.

I find some Buddhist traditions to be (personally) too ritualized and too caught up in the philosophy of it all. Instead of concentrating simply on the mindfulness practice and meditation.

I feel well anchored in following in his footsteps.

However, each student must follow the path that speaks to them the clearest.


Zen Unbound said...

Trackback. This post is cited in Blogmandu, Roundup for Dec 12-18, 2005.

Mikayla Starstuff said...

A couple a weeks ago the facilitator at my Sangha group read that bit. I thought it was fascinating--I especially liked that bit where he opens his eyes and sees the morning star as if for the first time :)

I've checked the book out from the library so I can read the whole thing.

"James" said...

Mikel: I'm glad you checked it out from the library ... I'm reading it currently and I can't put it down. :)

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