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Monday, January 09, 2006

At One With All Things

After my usual sitting meditation I like to do a bit of walking meditation. I like to meander our neighborhood and the ones adjacent. I then like to walk along a path behind the hospital which is always a good reminder to me of impermanence.

The other day I was walking along and came across a beautiful, red breasted robin. I began whistling along with it and then I thought, "I am apart of this bird as we both share the color red. In his/her feathers and in my goatee."

Then I came across a young boy who was skate boarding in his drive-way and I thought back on my childhood and realized that I was also this boy. I use to skate board for hours on end.

I move on.

As I did I heard the distinct call of a chickadee and began to call it and we had a lovely conversation back and forth as I walked past his perch.

I was in the moment and at One with all things.

-Peace to all beings-

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isaiah said...

While enjoying my coffee today, under clear blue, 70 degree skies I caught a glimpse of myself walking towards me in the shape of an elderly women and remarked silently, "I am wearing a nice smile today!"

Does this seem odd?

Seeing any other way than this would be even more odd!

You get it, James! Walk on brother!

Tony said...

Nice birds. Shame about the blog. I hate it.

Not as much as I hate mine though.

"James" said...

Isaiah: I think what you experienced is the clear sky of understanding and ultimate reality. It doesn't seem odd to me in the least. You get "it" too my friend!! Or rather, my brother and an extention of myself. ;)

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