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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Death Has No Power

Moghavagan came to the Buddha. "I have come to you with a question, great sage. I am afraid of death. Is there any way to look upon the world so as not to be seen by the king of death?"

"Look upon the world as empty," the Buddha replied. "This is the way to overcome death. Cease thinking of yourself as an entity that really exists. If you look on the world in this way you will never be seen by the king of death."

-Sutta Nipata.

James's comment: Before finding the Dharma I was quite terrified with death and was rather obsessed with it. At the time I believed that I had a seperate "self" or "soul" and felt very attached to this holographic concept. I was fearful of the thought that I might "loose my soul" upon dying.

However, upon finding the Dharma and awakening I saw and experienced the emptiness of the world and the impermanence of things. I have found peace with death and realized it really doesn't even exist as a "thing" or even as a concept with any inherent existence.

Once one is free from the grasp of death by realizing the emptiness of all things then the world is no longer a place to fear.

-Peace to all beings-

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Lans said...

You hit the nail on the head. Why be afraid of that which is really nothing more than an illusion? It's a very big concept to deal with, but so true.

marieroshi said...

I want to know why everyone is afraid of death? Why do people spend millions of dollars a year on putting off the inevitable? You live. You die. That's the way it works. Can you dig it? I mean, it's pretty obvious to me (and I'm no Albert Einstein). I find it amusing that my husband gets annoyed when I talk about my death in a casual way. Craziness, I tell you. ;-)

"James" said...

Lans and Marieroshi: Exactly. Death has no power once you see it as just another aspect to impermanence of all things. This is why we must meditate upon impermanence and death everyday so that we will find this peace.

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