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Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Diamond Sutra

Anyone who, even for a second, feels a pure, clear confidence on hearing the truth will experience immeasurable happiness. Why? Because, at that moment, that person is not caught up in the concept of a self or a living being or a life span. He is not caught up in concepts about the world, nor is he caught up in concepts about nothingness. He does not take any notice of the idea that this is a sign, or this or that is not a sign.

For if you are caught up in ideas, then you will be caught up in the self. And even if you are caught up in ideas about nothingness, you will still be caught up in the self. That's why we should not get attached to the belief that things either exist or do not exist. This is the hidden meaning when I say that my teachings are a raft to be abandoned when you see true being.

-Diamond Sutra

James's comment: The more I read the great sutras such as the Diamond and Heart sutras I seem to find more and more deeper levels of understanding and the deeper I peel back the layers the more simple the teachings become. I've really been focusing my practice on these two great teachings in my meditations and contemplations lately. Yet another reminder to me that true understanding only comes from personal experience.

One can read and read and philosophize over the teachings but (in my humble opinion) we gain so much more when we put them into practice and just sit with them.

-Peace to all beings-

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Ali said...

I've always been one to get caught up in ideas. I get caught up in ideas about ideas. I think that is why I like the "idea" of buddhism. I want a way to quiet the ideas...

But maybe for now I should just lay off the caffeine?
Small steps :O)

"James" said...

Ali: Buddhism IS a great way to quiet the ideas. It reminds me of that koan saying that if you meet the Buddha, kill him.

Then again koans are just more ideas. In my opinon, the practice of personal experience through meditation is the key. We must practice, practice and practice some more.

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