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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Having Fun with "Satan"

That's right! The Christian, Uber Anti-God plays for (and is from) Slovakia!! I was watching the Olympic hockey match between Russia and Slovakia when I noticed that one of the players had the name "Satan" on his jersey! So I decided to look into this further and found his NHL club team card:

LOOK!! He even wears a red jersey! I'm waiting now to hear from Pat Robertson that Satan is alive and well and living in Slovakia and that we need to boycott everything from Slovakia and call for his assassination.

So I think hockey is just what "Satan" does in his free time when he wants to "cool off" and "let off a little steam." I've heard, however, that he likes to "blow smoke and hot air" up the asses of his team mates. Hehe.


-Peace to all beings including Satan-

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Kyle said...

Haha, good old Satan. Fortunately for him, it's supposed to be pronounced Juh-tan. Though he plays for the New York Islanders, I can only hope he soon gets traded to New Jersey Devils. That'd probably be too fun though.

Anyway, I appreciate your blog, keep it up!

Nacho said...

Satan, Santa... St. Valentine's... all these people dressing in red and wreaking havoc with people's lives... : )

How are you J? : ) Long time no stop by, but I'm resurfacing.

Johnny Newt said...

I always thought satan would be be from South America, not sure why.I guess it only makes sence he's Eastern European though ofcourse Satan would want to hang out where it's not so damned hot.

marieroshi said...

Don't be a hater.

"James" said...

Kyle: Being traded to the New Jersey Devils would be the topper for sure. :)

Nacho: Good to see you around here again.

Johnny Newt: South America, eh? Well, it would make sense I guess that he would be from everywhere all at once. After all he is supposed to be the rival to only Jesus Christ himself, right? Or have I totally forgotten all my Christian dogma?

Marie: Who's hating? Am I hating?? Sorry, didn't mean to be..I was just havin' a little fun. :)

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