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Friday, February 24, 2006

A Wish for All Beings

May all beings be filled with joy and peace. May all beings everywhere, The strong and the weak, The great and the small, The mean and the powerful, The short and the long, the subtle and the gross: May all beings everywhere, Seen and unseen, Dwelling far off or nearby, Being or waiting to become: May all be filled with lasting joy.

Let no one deceive another, Let no one anywhere despise another, Let no one out of anger or resentment Wish suffering on anyone at all. Just as a mother with her own life Protects her child, her only child, from harm, So within yourself let grow A boundless love for all creatures.

James's comment: What a wonderful prayer. I would only add to the list the things that are not beings as well. We must care for and maintain balance with the forests, lakes, mountains, oceans, rivers, etc. just as we care for all beings.

-Peace to all beings-

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Sujatin said...

Beautiful. And I agree with your final words. When I do guided Metta i have recently added at the end that people imagine one of those wonderful photographs of the earth from space and to wish for peace and healing for the whole planet - the environment as well as for all beings upon it

theycallmemac said...

Thank you for the wonderful prayar, James. It brings me joy to read it. I also agree, the trees, oceans and all of mother earth is alive and needs our care and compassion as well, just as we need their care and compassion.

Dharmasattva said...

How cosmic. I quoted the Metta Sutra (different translation) on my blog yesterday, too. We must have both been channelling the Metta Sutra yesterday.


Meredith said...

Congratulations on your recent blog nominations, James. I am so happy for you - and I am happy that you are doing what you do, which is really being what you are.

In gratitude,

james said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
"James" said...


That is so beautiful.


You're welcome. I am always happy to help bring joy to anyone and anything. :)


Yes, synchronicity it seems.


Thank-you for your kind words. I am a bit humbled by all of this. I am just tapping into the great, universal truth.

Greg said...

I was going to pray to budda but the drive thru was closed. How can you look up to a fat , lazzy , coward like that. What did he do for you? Eat your dessert. The real deal bled on a cross for you. You better wake up and start helping people instead of burning tuty fruty

theycallmemac said...

The other day I began to wonder what sorts of meditations you guys (and girls of course) practice. I have only been meditating for about a month and a half and have had some great experiences. I have mostly been trying to do breathing meditation but sometimes I find my mind wandering from focus and meditating on other things. I've tried to do some visualization meditation, I have read about the Dalai Lama's experiences with this type and he seems to highly recommend it.

Also, what do you find is the best position for meditating? I have been doing a half lotus position (I think). When I first started I would sit with my legs crossed normally but then I tried the lotus position and I feel like I can mantain balance better with it, although sometimes it puts a lot of stress on my ankles. I think that over time my ankles have grown more accustomed to it though.
Peace all!

"James" said...


I know the teachings of Jesus quite well as I use to be a Christian missionary and He never taught hate. The hate you have in your heart will only make YOU suffer.

I forgive you for spewing your hate here as you do not know any better right now. Kind of similar to what Jesus said when saying, "forgive them Father for they know not what they do."

Jesus was a wonderful teacher. One of the greatest to grace this Earth. May you suffer less with hate and allow the TRUE peace of Jesus enter your heart.


I do breathing and visualization meditations as well. I also try to meditate during the day with concentrating on the breeze in the air, the sounds of the birds, etc.

As for positions, I just sit regular cross-legged as my legs are too short for the lotus position. Or even the half-lotus position. I'm just not flexible enough. :)

Dharmasattva said...

James, great response to Greg. When I came to understand, embrace and practice the dharma, I realized how much negativity I had been cultivating inside of me. I have learned to nurture that negativity and turn it into moments of clarity. I hope that Greg and others like him find a way to do the same.

"James" said...


I too learned that lesson as I embraced the dharma and I continue to work on not hating others. It is something that we must be mindful of so that we do not cause others and ourselves undo suffering.

Thank-you for sharing your experiences in life and in the dharma dear friend. :)

Johnny Newt said...

An excellent teaching James, please except my deep gratitude for your kindess and patients. I read once that a thousand victories, in a thousand battles is not worth one peaceful word.

"James" said...


Thank-you for your kind words. I bow to you. I owe any kindness and peace that I might reflect to the beautiful dharma. I send you my love.

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