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Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Gift of the Dharma

A gift of Dhamma conquers all gifts;
the taste of Dhamma, all tastes;
a delight in Dhamma, all delights;
the ending of craving, all suffering
and stress.

-Dhammapada, 24
Translated by Thanissaro Bhikku

James's comment: This reminds me of a time when after sangha a group of us went to a yummy Nepalese/Tibetan restuarant to celebrate a birthday. I remember eating my food and thinking that it tasted better then any food I'd ever eaten (especially the grapes). So I posed the question, "Is it because I just came from meditating and discussion from sangha that it tastes so good?" The guy with the birthday responded saying something to the effect that it's wasn't a coincedence and I agreed. I then realized how much I savor and eat mindfully the orange, cookies and tea that I drink during the discussion time at sangha as well.

It is amazing how far reaching the influence of the Dharma has in our lives. Right down to enjoying and savoring our food and tea that much more because when we eat or drink mindfully we focus on what we are eating and drinking and nothing more.

Too often I just take my plate of food into the living room, plop down on the couch and eat while watching the t.v. I zone out to the point that I'm not even aware as to what I am eating as i shovel it into my mouth. Part of this bad habit is that our place is too small for a dinning room table but the bigger issue is not being mindful when eating.

Being mindful truly does open-up our lives to a much greater and fulfilling experience because we are fully engaged in what we are doing in that moment. This allows us greater interaction with the activity or thought so that we can really feel the unity between us and what we are doing/thinking. This then allows us to have the clarity to either keep doing or thinking what brings us peace or toss out that which does not.

Without mindfulness we are lost to the unending waves of delusion that confuse us, leave one into a fog or lead us astray.

So I feel that I must recommit to being mindful in all things every morning before I even start out into the "rat race." I don't always do this but I am making progress. :)

-Peace to all beings-

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hitchhiker72 said...

Thank you for this. Shortly after I read it, I went and had dinner in front of the TV! But I tried to do it mindfully...

"James" said...


I think that doing it mindfully is the main thing. ;)

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