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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Is Emptyness Really Heavy?

"When I first started reading about Buddhism, I said this emptyness is really heavy!"

~Rev Ryunyo King

-Peace to all beings-

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Johnny Newt said...

Yes , but the good news is that everything thing in the universe has no wieght at all. Just ask a starving man which is harder to carry an empty bowl, or one full of rice!

"James" said...


I bow to you.

Well stated. said...


Very cool to stumble upon your "living" work here. Even cooler to see that our "Early Morning Buddhist Inspirations", have made their way over as well.

Maybe we can connect via e-mail,

Go easy friend!

"James" said...


Wow!! How cool to connect with you. I'm excited to get to know you and your blog more. :)

All the best.

Nacho said...

James, nice quote! Heavy, light, there are some things that weigh heavily on me, at particular times more than others, but then again, as johnny notes, it is a relative matter. The heaviest things are not physical ones. Remember that scene (if you saw the movie) in "Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter" (do I have that title right?) in which the monastic tells the kid that killing another creature will indeed cause him to carry that heavy burden in his heart? I've experienced that and the scene in the movie resonated quite powerfully with me. Thanks for the post.

James said...
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"James" said...


It is relative and that helps me keep things in perspective (most of the time). :)

I gotta check out that movie.


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