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Monday, March 20, 2006

Let the Universe Breath Through You

What is meditation?

When you empty yourself and let the universe come in you.

-Author unknown

James's comment: One of the greatest meditations is to meditate on emptyness so that we can let go of our perceptions of "mine" or "yours" and experience the peaceful reality of inter-being. I often use the image of the vast and beautiful Universe to bring me back to center being and allow the energy of life to flow in and flow out of myself. To acknowledge the tiny molecules that cluster together to make a "body." Yet this seemingly solid body is really like a fabric woven with thousands of tiny threads coming together to form One Body. We are each like one of these tiny threads coming together to form the vast and infinite nature of Oneness of all things. How marvelous!! Celebrate and be joyful.

-Peace to all beings-

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Dharmasattva said...

beautiful image. i will think of it when i sit tonight.



Dave said...

An excellent post. I have also meditated on the vastness and the concept that we all are energy that is connected by the emptiness.
Thank you

theycallmemac said...

The other day there was a double-helix shaped nebula discovered that is pretty cool looking. There's a pic here.

"James" said...



That is awesome and gorgeous!! Everyone, go check this out! I am so so fascinated with our Universe. Every molecule up to the biggest of black holes and planets.

"James" said...


Isn't it breath-taking?!! Such beautiful peace from directly experiencing that Oneness.

Beth said...

james, i really like this quote. i am going to remember it. thanks.

"James" said...


Yeah, I was quite struck by it. It was one of those that just reached up out at me and smacked me between the eyes and woke me up to a truth I have known for a long time. However, I kind of left my mystical side in disarray the last year of so and now I'm back cultivating it. This quote was the catalyst for that refocusing on the Mystical.

TDharma said...

i like to meditate on this:

we are star-dust.

"James" said...


Beautiful imagery. Star dust indeed. One can't tell where we end and the rest of existence and non-existence begins and vice versa. This is true bliss to understand and be.

sankar said...

Both advaita philosophy and buddhism deny individuality and rebirth. Whereas buddhism speaks of anatta advaita believes in the existence of the transcendenatal brahman which is nothing other than one's innermost core, the atman. Then what is the distinction between the two thoughts when they deny an individual? The buddhistic idea of rebirth is somewhat difficult to understand, whereas the rebirth talked of by advaita at the empirical level can be grasped.

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