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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Mindfulness Bell Computer Application Repost

I have received several requests again for the link to the mindfulness bell application for your computer. So here is the link (and I will create a permanent link for it on the right in my "links" section):

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any problem finding it. :)

-Peace to all beings-

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borderline savvy said...

I love the mindful clock, James. Thanks! I'm having trouble putting up my profile picture on my blog. I can upload other pictures which are posted in the blog itself, but can't get that profile picture on. I'm using Hello and Picassa 2. I'm just not getting it I guess. On Hello, it shows my profile with my selected thumbnail, but I can't get that onto Blogspot. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

"James" said...

B Savvy:

I'm pleased that you are finding benefits from the mindful clock. :)

As for the profile thing. I use flickr and I suggest that you sign up with them and use that. I think their addy is:

Then you can get the thumb nail and an actually html code to plug into your blogspot profile picture slot. Hope that helps. If not I can go back and walk you through it more. Best of luck!

Jonathan Cardozo said...

I too like to have a gong as a mindfulness bell, but also to time meditations, etc. I've posted some audio files and instructions for a do-it-yourself mindfulness bell on my blog.

James said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
"James" said...


I went ahead and downloaded your clips and made a c.d. out of them for meditation! THANKS!!! It's already been a wonderful gift. Thank-you deeply for sharing such a wonderful too. :)


Stone boy said...

Here is an enhanced online version of mindfulness bell.

Click here


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