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Friday, March 03, 2006

The Sound of the Bell

I have discussed on here before the tool on my computer (which one of my fellow sangha members tipped me of to and to whom I am very grateful for doing so as it helps me on a very profound level) that rings a bell every so often.

When ever it sounds I always stop my typing or surfing, close my eyes, breath deeply and recite the following:

"Body, space and mind. I send my heart along with the sound of this bell. May the hearers (including myself) awaken from their forgetfulness and transcend the path of anxiety and fear."

I then go on to say, "I listen, I listen. The sound of this bell brings me back to my true home."

These are mantras that Thay (Thich Nhat Hanh) teaches us to use whenever we hear a bell ring. I have also added the following:

"May this sound cut through the ropes of my attachments to free me from suffering that I might then helps others do the same."

-Peace to all beings-

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Johnny Newt said...


borderline savvy said...

I'd love to have that sound of the bell, too, James. Is there any way I can get it? I also live in CO and am looking for a Sangha--probably the Eyes of Compassion Sangha in Denver. It's the closest to me.

I think you've also posted on my site before. It's nice to know that a fellow health client is also a Buddhist, although I haven't been practicing much recently. Stop by my blog again.

Thanks for the reminder to stop and listen to the bell.

"James" said...

B Savvy:

Where in CO do you live? I attend the Peaceful Heart Sangha in Ft. Collins. Here is the link to find the bell:

You can find the download in the rectangluar box just below the bold, red "links."

Aqua said...

James, You continue to amaze me with your ideas, thoughtfulness and openess about what helps you exist and how much you give back to others, that which you learn.

I haven't been writing much...but I have been reading...and I always read your blogs, because I can relate so much to what you say. Thanks for sharing what you do.

"James" said...


Awww thank-you for those kind and precious words. I want nothing more then to help others free themselves from their suffering so that we all might liberate and rejoice together. We all are indeed One and we need to awaken from our long slumber to remember our true home.

It makes my heart swell with love that you realize our common bond.

May any obstacles on your path be cleared that you might rest in the Infinite Peace that is our true reality.

"James" said...


I always love and appreciate your comments. I am very thankful for your presence.

hitchhiker72 said...

I work a lot on my computer and so often I get so bogged down I'm not even aware of my own breathing. This is a good tip. Thank you. I'm setting my clock now.

"James" said...


I think that you will really enjoy the clock then. :)

Steve said...

Was looking for a bell sound on the web for meditation. Am really looking forward to using it. When you go into the clock thing in Program Files, you can pull out the wav file.

If you make a 30 minute mp3 file using audacity you can use it to play on a hi-fi or headphones and there you have it, someone to ring the bell for you!!! You just have to import the wav file.

Will take it away on my holiday! Yippee - holiday=more time to meditate, more peace, refreshing the mind!! ;))))

Love the blog by the way. I'll be back to look at some more of the vast amount of stuff you've built up. I started practising seriously in 2005 after a meditation retreat in Wat Kow Tahm, Thailand.

Meditation has been a wonderfully positive influence on my life ever since. I'm now getting excited by various initiatives in Mindfulness in Education (, as I am a languages teacher in secondary (uk)/high (us) school.

Take care one and all

They call him James Ure said...


I'm so happy for you that you are finding a path that helps you in life. And that you enjoy the blog here.

I myself began following the Dharma in 2002 and have enjoyed it so much. I have learned so much to help me deal with life better.

I use to be so angry and while I still have anger issues I now know of a way to deal with them in meditation.

I love the meditation timer and that's a good idea about putting it on an ipod.

The said...
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The said...

Hello from the Springs Mountain Sangha in Colorado Springs!

Adjusting my pillow,


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