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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Happy Birthday Siddhartha Gautama the Buddha!!

Today is the day that most Buddhists celebrate the birth of the Buddha.

May we rededicate ourselves to following the Dharma and continue to take refuge in the three jewels set forth by Gautama Buddha.

May each breath and step we take be on the 8 fold path so that we might achieve liberation and help others do the same.

Let's ake a moment today to pause and think about how wonderful the Dharma is in our lives and what a precious gift it is to have been born a human and to have found the Dharma. May we not waste a day in maintaining our practice.

-Peace to all beings-

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dragonflyfilly said...

wow, i did not know that! - went for an early morning walk around what i call the "Dragonfly Bog" (for the first time since my "illness")...and was so thrilled to have my first Grey Heron sighting ..."this is a good omen" i thought, and i had hardly walked in the door and the phone rang: my good friend to tell me that a mutual friend of ours had died - a young women with four children - a woman who was addicted to all kinds of drugs and whose life was a shambles...and i could not shed a tear, all i felt was relief that she has left her miserably life, and hope that, if she is to be reincarnated, it will be into a better one....i don't know....i just have a good feeling about her death, and this is the first time i have ever felt this way when a person i know has died....

thank you for your Blog Spot...thank you for reminding me about The Path...

"may all being be happy

Dave said...

As I walked on the sand and listened to the sound of the ocean I felt a oneness with all and felt as if everything was in me and I was in everything. Did not know why today was more special then others now I know.

Thank you

James said...


Grey Herons are a good omen. I see hawks the same way.

I hope that she will be reincarnated in a better life as well. May the energy of this day help those in similar situations.

Thank-you for your kind words. And thank-YOU for reminding me of The Path as well. I am so grateful for the great spiritual community online.

Be well.


I felt that Oneness today too. Such beautiful and united energy. May all feel it and find peace for at least this day.

dragonflyfilly said...

thanks for your kind words, James. The Red Tailed Hawk is my "Spirit Guide" but i love watching ALL birds. Have you seen the Nesting Eagles on Hornby yet?

"James" said...


You're very welcome. You know, my specific animal guide is the Red-Tailed Hawk as well!! How interesting that we share that...very cool. :)

I too though love ALL birds. They are so inspiring. As are all animals. :)

dragonflyfilly said...

Hey "James", wow, same Spirit Guide, that is amazing, you are the first person i know of with the same one!!! When i am driving along the highway (often too fast), and i spot one on the left, perched on a tree or a hydro pole, i slow down, and EVERYTIME without fail, there has been a cop with radar, handing out tickets!!! - i use them in self-healing meditations too - quite a few years ago i attended a PowWow in Chilliwack and acquired a bunch of feathers - tail feathers, as well as the smaller downey ones...they are sometimes hard to come by.

glad you are enjoying the Eagle InfoTec cam...i cannot get on right now, it is frozen for i have to get some housework done...

have a fab day, cheers from "a
Buddhist Wannabe"

dragonflyfilly said...

ops, have i confused you with the "other" james on this blog? if so, sorry!

"James" said...


I notice the hawks on the telephone polls as well. They always seem to show up (for me) when I need them most. When I am having a bad day. I see them and then I am directly uplifted and feel the power of the Infinite Universe wash over me.

They are such beautiful messengers of the mystical love of the Oneness of all things.

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