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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Just What I Needed to Hear

Try to be reasonable in the way you grow, and don't ever think it is too late. It is never too late. Even if you are going to die tomorrow, keep yourself straight and clear and be a happy human being today. If you keep your situation happy day by day, you will eventually reach the greatest happiness of enlightenment.

-Lama Thubten Yeshe, The Bliss of Inner Fire

James's comment: This reminds me of something that I just read in the book, "Transcending the Levels of Consciousness" by the mystic Dr. David R. Hawkins:

Periods of unanticipated difficulty are to be expected that may seem like "setbacks" but mearly mean that some trend (often primarily unconscious) has surfaced for recognition in order to be processed.

James: I think that most of us take ourselves and our spiritual development too seriously. We tend to be waayyyy too hard on ourselves and need to (as Lama Sura Das says), "Give ourselves a break." Perfectionism is a nasty disease that is rampant especially in the west. It has been quite the obstacle for my spiritual development given being raised in an extreme Christian environment that told me that I basically needed to be "perfect" or I would go to "hell." Maybe I misinterpreted that message but never the less it made it's impact on a young and impressionable child.

It also appears out of our society and culture that demands more and more, bigger and better instead of just being satisfied with what we already have and are. We are pushed, driven and brainwashed to constantly live in the ephemeral nature of desire and greed. This is the message of having to be "better then the next person." It is a lie and it is very dangerous to our spiritual development. That is not to say either that we should become lazy and slothful on our path for as you know it comes down to balance and staying on the middle path. And we keep that balance through sticking to our practice of meditation and mindfulnesss. Reading as was talked about in a previous post is not enough. Practice, practice, practice, practice.

-Peace to all beings-

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tatiana said...

I just came across your site by sheer accident. And, it couldn't have been at a better time! After just retruning from a trip to Hawaii, I find myself consumed with the stress of hating my job & trying to sort out my life. And, I have only been back 2 days! Funny, that is all it took to fall back into the pattern of a sleepless, stressed out night! S

o, this post helped put my thoughts back into perspective. I have thrown my yoga practice to the side, and also my meditation practice. Following the links on your site has made me aware of the fact that I need to devote more time to both yoga & meditation & that everything will sort itself out! Namaste. . . . ~ tatiana

"James" said...


I understand the let down from coming back from Hawaii. It is a beautiful place and my wife comes from there. I miss it.

If you get back there you should visit Temple Valley (if you haven't yet). It's a beautiful Pure Land Buddhist temple with a lovely Buddha statue.

I am glad that you were inspired by this post and this blog. You are always welcome here and I greet you warmly. :)

Peace to you.

kevin beck said...

Sheer accident? Or some "thing" else?


dragonflyfilly said...

i don't take myself seriously ENUF!...and for one split second i forgot my password...balance...sometimes easy to achieve, yet difficult to maintain...

Nameste little other

(the smaller you get the farther you go...who sang that?)

tatiana said...

Thanks for the uplifting email. . . I did check out the other web address you gave me, and looked over your site - Thank you for that. . . I don't however, subscribe to any one religion in particular. . . and find myself more spiritual than religious. . . I was raised in a home that focused on eastern philosophies, so find myself more drawn to sites focused on Zen, Taoism & Buddhist lines of thinking! Which is excatly why I so enjoyed this site. . .

p.s. FUnny - my friend who I was visitng drove me to the temple valley but it was closed! We did not have time to go back & I am very sad that I missed it knowing it has a buddhist temple there! Oh well, maybe next time. . .

quicksilver said...

Well I imagine you know what I'm going to comment about... :)

The dictates of Christianity do indeed say that you must be perfect to know, or have a relationship with God. However, the great part about it is that God recognized we could never be perfect, and provided that ultimate atonement for our sins. All that was asked in return was that we love God with all our heart mind and soul, and love our neighbor as ourself.

I'm not sure about your background in Christianity, but I imagine it was extremely restrictive and "pointed the finger" a lot. This certainly isn't, I believe, how Christianity should be applied.

With regard to the "taking a break" part, the way I see it is that as you grow in relationship and love with God, religion is less of some kind of "chore" and more of something you grow or desire to do. Sort of like how you would rather watch TV than do homework (forgive the school reference). You get to that point where indulging in vices or satisfying your more baser instincts becomes the chore, and praising God becomes the desire. This has certainly been the case with me.

tatiana said...

Ok, ignore my comment - as I posted on the sanitarium site - the link you had given me to that site tok me to some christian bible site when I clicked on it - today, it brought me to the correct site! I did not mean to get all anti-organized religion on you - but, oh - whatever. Point being - I like the site now that I have been able to get to the correct link!!! :)

"James" said...


Yeah, synchronicity is cool. :)

Dragonfly (PJ):

Yep, it's all about balance.

Hmmm. Not sure who sang that song. Fill me in. :)


Hmmm that's weird about the addy leading you to a Christian site. I hope my blog has been hacked or something. Anyway I'm glad that you found your way to he correct addy eventually.

I'm not big on organized religion either that is why I like Buddhism so much because it is often called the religion of no religion.

No worries on the mix up. I'm just glad that you found the site. :)


Yeah, I don't think that the kind of Christianity that I was raised in was the "real" Christianity.

I agree with the idea that the more you commit to spirituality the more coming to the Divine becomes a desire and less a chore.

dragonflyfilly said...

i cannot remember, Buddha buddie, but when i hear it on the radio again i will write it down and forward it to is one of those really kool, poetic songs...

i cannot connect with the eagle cam, hoping the eagles have hatched safely, well, as nature intends...

some cosmic gossip: i saw on the news last night that they have arrested several men in connection with the slaughter of eagles in this area. (feathers and beaks and talons all then illegally smuggled into the US) ... small world, one of them i met at a healing ceremony at the Si'halis Reserve last year. - it was a Conference on Hospice Work and he was one of the presenters!!! ... hmmmm...i am trying not to be judgmental here, remembering that we are all stuck here in the mud, all working on our own truths while trying to graduate from this "earth school"....

love and light etc,

Darius said...

In a word, our present mindset as a species is unsustainable.

"James" said...


I can't connect with the eagle cam either. I was so saddened to hear about the eagle slaughter although I am very happy that some were arrested. I hope that they catch everyone responsible. That is amazing that you met one of them!!

However, you are right. We all must over-come different problems. It's just that some are crimes in our world and others are not.

Nanna said...

Your Home Page is very interesting. God bless you!

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