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Friday, May 05, 2006

God Broken Up Into Several Less Powerful Deities

Doyle Redland of the Onion Radio News (the fake, sarcastic "news" agency) files a shocking report:

Calling the theological giant’s stranglehold on the religious industry “blatantly anticompetitive” a U.S. district judge has ruled that God is in violation of antimonopoly laws and ordered Him to be broken up into several less powerful deities. . .[Said the judge,] “He has carved out for Himself an illegal monotheopoly.” Leading theologians are applauding the God break-up, saying that it will usher in a new era of greater worshipping options, increased efficiency, and more personalized service.

James: I had a good laugh with this one.


I found this story through the TricycleBlog: The Buddhist Review

Link to the full radio spot HERE. I found it funnier listening to the spot then reading it.

-Peace to all beings-

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tatiana said...

This was funny. . .

"James" said...

I thought you would like that :)

By the way did you see my post before this about enlightenment and coconuts? It's a funny one too.

Johnny Newt said...

I hope we all get our own personal God outta this deal, i need one for my house and studio, also I'm sure my neighbor would like one too for his election campaign. hey how about a God that only cures upset stomach, i had a bad spell last night now he would've came in handy!

"James" said...


Hmmm. Yeah, I could use a God that would perform cool tricks to impress my friends. I'd name mine Steve. :)

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