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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Go Beyond Our "Limits"

The abandonment of religious virtue has left this culture aggressively antagonistic to the pursuit of the unknown, the unknowable, to the mystical realms of reality. The original enthusiasm for Zen in the United States was not just for personal discovery, but for the possibility of developing an appreciation for the unknown in an excessively cluttered society-it was an effort to break ground for new possibilities.

What we need to know cannot arise from what we know now; our liberation from personal and collective suffering must derive from what we cannot envision, what is beyond our imagination, even beyond our dreams of what is possible.

One day an American student asked a Japanese Zen master, "Is enlightenment really possible?"He answered, "If you're willing to allow for it."

James: This goes to show that we are our own worst enemy. We trip ourselves up and tighten up when we feel we are letting go too much because we want to control our life and are afraid of the "unknown." However, when we fully let go and float into the unknown--it is then and there that we find true freedom and the doorway to enlightenment opened wide. And we realize that the door was open all along.

--Helen Tworkov

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Belly said...

James, I am not sure what words to use here but I like how this post feels. Oddly enough it also made sense in relation to my 6 year old who is currently experience a great deal of fear in her swimming lessons and I can see how it is tightening her up and not allowing her to see other possibilities. It was the perspective I needed to perhaps help her through her fear and to allow me to let go of mine.

Hope all is well with you, take care!

"James" said...

Hey Belly!!

I'm so glad that this post found a place in you heart that needed touching. It touched my heart as well. I love when teachings come around at the right moment. The more I practice the more I find myself open to these teachings that are here all the time.

tatiana said...

This is so applicable to me right now. . . so timely and much needed as I am feeling so uncertain and scared about my decision to leave my comfort zone.. thank you.

dragonflyfilly said...

Hi james, glad you enjoyed the pics, stop by again in a few days when i have some more up, of some parts of the actual performance, and of course the set, which was lovely.

hmmmmm, very interesting post here at your Blog today,


Erin said...

I think that our fears are often what hold us back from achieving the 'impossible.'

"James" said...


Yw. Always glad to help.


Cool. I'll have to check in for sure.


Yes, fear is pretty much our biggest obstacle in life in my opinion.

theycallmemac said...

Erin and James, I agree. And although conquering fear is difficult, it can be done. You just need the will and some dedication.

Seamus "Moose" Anthony said...

Letting go.

That is the key concept, the difference between so-called Western concepts of progress and the Eastern ideas we have taken on (and, rightfully, morphed to suit our cultural perspective).

You get better by letting go. You progress by letting go. You find happiness by letting go, becasue true happiness is there in the centre of you all along.

Thanks for your comments on TCT and for this inspiring post :)

dragonflyfilly said...

more MIKADO pics up's it hangin' mister?


dragonflyfilly said...

have not been at Creations of JOY for a long time so i missed your comment, sorry!

was actually trying to disable the comment capacity but it did not work..i forget that i have those other Blogs, so sometimes miss the comments.

"James" said...


Yes indeed. I am slowly but surely erroding my fears through my steady and regular practice.


Yep, letting go pretty much sums things up. Yw on the comments at the blog.


No worries on the comment. ;)

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