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Friday, June 30, 2006

Have Confidence in Your Own Spiritual Potentiality

Have confidence in your own spiritual potentiality, your ability to find your own unique way. Learn from others certainly, and use what you find useful, but also learn to trust your own inner wisdom. Have courage. Be awake and aware. Remember too that Buddhism is not about being a Buddhist; that is, obtaining a new identity tag. Nor is it about collecting head-knowledge, practices and techniques. It is ultimately about letting go of all forms and concepts and becoming free.

-- John Snelling, in Elements of Buddhism

James: This is such a refreshing, rejuvinating reminder of the importance of looking within to realize and cultivate one's Buddha-Nature. As well as the importance of avoiding the spiritual materialism of attaching to labels and collecting teachings.

-Peace to all beings-

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Belly said...

Yes! Sometimes I lose focus as I watch so many seek so many identity tags and I wonder if I should do the same. For years when people have asked what I am I have answered, "Human, whatever that means" and have left it at that...I once again know I will leave it at that. It is, as you said, refreshing and rejuvinating to drop the labels and attachments. It opens a whole realm of possibilities. It is freeing.

Thank you.

"James" said...

Thank-you Belly. Yeah, the more we let go the more freedom is available.

M.D. Shellhammer said...

I like the word "refreshing" to describe this peice James, like the stream cascading over rocks on seven bridges trail. Euphoric almost. Thanks for a great post!

Trev Diesel said...

Ah, that we would be "lights unto ourselves!"

Thanks, James.

"James" said...


Ah, yes...water is such a beautiful symbol. Water is so free, so pure and so refreshing.

"James" said...


Yw and thank-you for your light. :)


mj said...

love the pictures on your site! can you tell me more about the photo of this buddha rupa?

just started a blog site this week:

may your generous activities increase!


"James" said...


I bow to the Buddha within you.

I don't know much about this picture expect that I found it on google. Wish I could be over more help.

I will check out your site soon. I am always happy to great a fellow spiritual/Buddhist blogger. :)


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