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Saturday, June 03, 2006

He Knows His Own Nature

The master goes about his business
With perfect equanimity.

He is happy when he sits,
Happy when he talks and eats,
Happy asleep,
Happy coming and going.

Because he knows his own nature,
He does what he has to without feeling ruffled
Like ordinary people.

Smooth and shining
Like the surface of a vast lake.

His sorrows are at an end.

-Ashtavakra Gita 18:59-60

-Peace to all beings-

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alison koh said...

i've been wanting to get a statue of Lord Ganesha. Thanks for the reminder. :)

dragonflyfilly said...

thanks James; i think it is easier for a woman to speak out sometimes; people are less likely to punch you out; - specially a little old lady carrying a cane, hah hah...i have a big stick and i know how to use it!! - sometimes i am not very equonomous, oh well! -

oh funny, i published the above (copied)before i even came over to your Blog,(then pasted) and lo and behold, there is MY LORD AND MASTER!!!!! - how happy i was to see him sitting there on the screen before me, altho' i have one lovely statue of him, and a few pictures and other little small statues sitting around my "house"...yes indeed, i strive for equanimity, i don't always succeed, but He is always around to keep nudging me into remembrance...thanks for the wonderful post...i am not always brave acknowledging my "alternate" form of worship (if you can call it that), in fact you are probably the first person i have outwardly acknowleded this to (most people just think He is there for eclectic ornamentation).

Well i think it is going to be a warm one today. I will plant strawberries on my balcony today, then take a stroll up to WallMart to see if i can get a small Fuschia hanging basket for the hummingbirds to visit.


tatiana said...

I like this post. All your posts are so thought provoking. Something I need these days.
~ namaste

Belly said...

As always thank you for your post and thank you for your warm comments this past week.

Many smiles your way,
Take care.

"James" said...

Alison Koh:

I have a lovely Ganesh statue sitting amongst some of our plants and look upon it brings me great peace and strength.


I think that we all follow our own slightly different path. However, most people do not look within to acknowledge this reality. It is wise to listen and follow any teacher whose teachings and idea ring true dispite their religious affiliation.


I am happy to help in anyway that i can friend to help bring a pocket of piece into your current reality. :) BIG HUGS TO YOU!!!


I am happy to be of service to you and everyone. We are all interconnected and helping others is also helping onself move along the path to Enlightenment. Thus, thank-YOU for helping me as well dear one!! :)

dragonflyfilly said...


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