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Friday, June 23, 2006

My Own Enemy, Savior and Witness

With whom shall I battle, for I am my own enemy?
Who will save whom, for I am my own savior?
I am my own witness, for my actions and inactions.

--Dharmarakshita in Mind Training

James's comment: I often float up into the clouds of dreams, delusions and distractions. This prose came to me at the end of a week of heavy distraction. I bow to the person who sent this to me so that I might ground myself again.


-Peace to all beings-

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alex said...

Hi, I speak french and i'm from Montreal. I find these words so powerful , It's exactly how i feel. i'm going to tattoo them on me. Thank you :)

Dan Cruz said...

Thank you for sharing!


All the way from Chicago

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