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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Practice in Good Times to Maintain Peace During Adverse Conditions

Adverse circumstances test our courage, our strength of mind, and the depth of our conviction in the Dharma. There is nothing exceptional about practicing Dharma in a good environment and atmosphere. The true test is if we can maintain our practice in adverse conditions.

-Geshe Ngawang Dhargyey, "Advice From a Spiritual Friend"

James: This is why practicing on a regular basis and when things are good is so important to us. If we cultivate a regular practice then we can sail across the waters of adversity with confidence knowing that our sturdy boat of practicing the Dharma will hold us up and see us through to the shore.

-Peace to all beings-

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theycallmemac said...

Very good advice. Sometimes I will let meditation slip if I am feeling especially good and active but I bet this is sometimes the best time to practice.

"James" said...


I do the same thing.

Bruce Hodder said...

A friend of mine died last week and I have found it really easy since then to sit down and meditate. But when things are going well, just like Mac, I lose it. For me it's because when I identify times as good it means my ego is being satisfied: I'm getting lots of praise, or feeling attractive to the opposite sex. And when my ego is being satisfied, like a child with an ice cream, I forget EVERYTHING. But I'm working on it...

"James" said...


My heart goes out to you in your hour of sadness.

Yeah the ego is persistent but the fact that you are even aware of it's guises is a huge asset. Keep on working at it...I will too.

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