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Friday, July 07, 2006

It Has Always Been There

Imagine a very poor man living in a decrepit little shanty, the only thing he owns in the world. What he does not know is that just beneath his shanty, but hidden in the dirt, is an inexhaustible vein of gold. As long as he remains ignorant of his hidden wealth, this pauper remains in poverty; but when he attends more closely to his own dwelling, he is bound to discover his own fathomless wealth. Similarly, all we need to do is unveil our own nature, and we will find an inexhaustible source of wisdom, compassion, and power. It is nothing we need to acquire from anywhere or anything. It has always been there.

Seen in this light, the Buddha-nature requires no additions. One does not have to memorize sutras, recite prayers, or accumulate virtues to create it. All one needs to do is unveil it.

-- B. Alan Wallace

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taza said...

hi, i'm new here. mind if i link you on my blog?
i don't have time to read much today, but loved the "buried treasure" quote you posted today.
i have been studying with Geshe Michael Roach in Arizona. my practice has fallen off lately but in my heart i am still Buddhist.

Buddhist_philosopher said...

James - happy coincidences. I'm a big fan of Wallace. I find it interesting that his simple exposition of the ease with which we can realize our Buddha-nature, considering that he is one of the most educated (both in the East and West) Buddhists on the face of the earth! I guess such simplicity only becomes obvious for some of us after much study (myself following a path similar to Wallace).

Taza - cool to hear of another Geshe Michael student out there! Practice kindness and the rest will fall into place. Or so I'm told.

Belly said...

I have tried explaining this concept to others, albeit a lot less eloquently, and am rarely heard. Then again if I were to look more closely I would see that I rarely pay attention to myself as well....
Thanks James!

"James" said...


Feel free to link this blog. Welcome here and know that you have a place here at all times. I embrace your heart with all my love.


Yes, Wallace is a great teacher.


Same here. It is hard for people to see the difference...myself included. I felt blessed to find such a clear and insightful quote on the matter.

Trev Diesel said...

There is nothing to attain... :)

It's all right HERE... :)

Thanks, James.

cyclingdave said...

thank you for the quote. it is a wonderful articulation of an important truth.

if i may add. in a podcast, which i believe was a talk by gil fronsdal, the metaphor of a room with an 'ageless' and dirty floor was invoked. over time the floor had taken on the patina of age and few saw that this was not the floor itself but merely the deposits of time. under the dirt was the pristine floor. those who believe there to be something under the floor strive to get through the accretions of dirt. we may not as individuals know when to stop 'cleaning' [some may see half clean as good enough. which it may very well be] but it is great to know that under it all, and within us all, is the pristine and unbleamished.

"James" said...


Yw. Exactly. It's a great I need to remember on a daily basis. :)


Yw. That is also great and spot on analogy. :)

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