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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Suffering Returns, and Delight Arrives

Life continues to create itself and fall away, and suffering returns, and delight arrives, if even for a moment--agony, peace, rapture.

-Sandy Boucher, "Hidden Spring"

James: Given my struggles lately I have been feeling down and often when I feel such deep pain I start to indentify myself with the pain. Feeling "why me?" and "this is so unfair." This quote is helping me remember that pain and downtimes are apart of the cycle of existence. That said pain is a great reminder of the very first noble truth that suffering is inevitable. That it is delusion to think that I should never experience such things because I am on a spiritual path.

-Peace to all beings-

Picture: Jesus and Buddha together.

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taza said...

"it is delusion to think that I should never experience such things because I am on a spiritual path."

yeah, that's a twisty one, isn't it?

one of my teachers reminds the class, "in this life, you are either in the middle of a crisis, or in between crises."

hopefully being on a spiritual path gives us the tools we need to deal with all them crises!

you sound better today, hope it keeps up. wishing you sweetness in your day!

theycallmemac said...

Hey James, have you ever read any of Ken Wilbur's books? I am reading "Grace and Grit" now and it is wonderful. It focuses heavily on dealing with suffering and has opened up new insights in me.

Peace and love!

"James" said...


VERY twisty one.

Your teacher is very wise...that is so very true. I do feel much more able to deal and live with a crisis from being on a spiritual path then when I was not.

Thank-you for the well wishes...I am feeling better. :)

Blessing to you...


I haven't read that book but it sounds good. I'll add it to the list.

May this comment find you well.

isaiah said...

If enlightenment means not feeling pain- I choose to never know the fullest being.

I am not my pain. You are not your suffering. Watch silently as illusion dances its glorious, fleeting dance.

alison koh said...

as my teacher says, just note rising and falling, rising falling... :D
rainbow love :)

James said...


Yes, I agree.


(breathing in, breathing out) Thanks for the reminder. :)

jns said...

peace brother. greetings from san diego, california. wondering---
what is the source of this image here of buddha and jesus christ?

"James" said...


Greetings and peace to you as well. The picture comes from the artist Ruth Jones:

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