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Friday, August 04, 2006

The Higher Self

That which is the source of the sun
And of every power in the cosmos, beyond which
There is neither going nor coming, Is the Self indeed. For this Self is supreme!

-Katha Upanishad

James: Om (Om=Ultimate Reality). All things are interconnected in the web of being and unmanifest. Each breath we are reborn and represents the breath of the Divine Presence. The Divine manifests the collective essence of all consciousness experiencing the Great Project Infinitely within and without.

This Interdependent, Universal Heart beams forth and reflects back the light of Enlightenment and of parinirvana.

Gone, gone, gone beyond. Completely gone beyond. Gloria in excelsis Deo!!! (Glory in the Highest). Om.

~Peace to all beings~

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rama said...

Amen! Swaha!

theycallmemac said...

Over at they have a great daily meditation. I've been reading these for a few months now, they're very cool, you can get them on your personal google page.

"By becoming attached to names and forms, not realising that they have no more basis than the activities of the mind itself, error rises and the way to emancipation is blocked."


"James" said...


Thank-you for the recommendation on amidabuddha. I'm heading over there. Great quote by the way.

A lotus to you. :)

dragonflyfilly said...

hah, FINALLY, I did a little bit of meditating this morning!!!!

because you are an inspiration to me, James,


"James" said...

Awwww I am happy to be an inspiration to you in ANY way. I am proud of you for sticking with the path and riding out the waves.

I am inspired by you too...your meditation spurs me on to keep up with my meditation. Helping each other in the practice is the beauty and power of the Sangha.

I bow to the light and Buddha within you.

rama said...

Dear Friends

I am very happy to announce that I have put up a collection of my poems on the internet. This is titled Inheritance: Poesy for Oneness and Well-being.

Its accessible at:

I would like to invite you all to visit this site. I would be very happy to read your comments / critique.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards


Trev Diesel said...


So cool to see the mix of east and west in this statement:

Gone, gone, gone beyond. Completely gone beyond. Gloria in excelsis Deo!!! (Glory in the Highest). Om.

"James" said...



"James" said...


Brilliant!! Thanks for the update. I enjoy your poetry. :)


Belly said...

Just saying Hello and hoping all is well with you.

Take Care

"James" said...


Thank-you for stoping by and sending your love. I hope all is well with you. May you feel peace at all times.

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