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Monday, September 25, 2006

Nothing and Everything and Between the Two My Life Flows.

The great Indian teacher Nisargadatta Maharaj once said, "Wisdom tells me I am nothing. Love tells me I am everything. Between the two my life flows." "I am nothing" does not mean that there is a bleak wasteland within. It does mean that with awareness we open to a clear, unimpeded space, without center or periphery--nothing separate. If we are nothing, there is nothing at all to serve as a barrier to our boundless expression of love. Being nothing in this way, we are also, inevitably, everything. "Everything" does not mean self-aggrandizement, but a decisive recognition of interconnection; we are not separate. Both the clear, open space of "nothing" and the interconnectedness of "everything" awaken us to our true nature. This is the truth we contact when we meditate, a sense of unity beyond suffering. It is always present; we merely need to be able to access it.

--Sharon Salzberg, Lovingkindness

James: I breath in interconnectedness of all things and breath out the Universe. I am always present in you especially in your darkness moments. Death is merely an exhale and birth a new breath. I feel the Infinite consciouness of freedom in your smile. Your peace is my peace and your pain is my pain. I am you and you are me. Together we are stronger then steel and sharper then diamonds. With the reality of this inconnectivity we bend when needed but do not break for we are two links in the unbreakable chain of the Infinite One. Our clear and sharp mindfulness of the Higher Diamond Self cuts through delusions, illusions and the ego self as a knife shreds through paper.

Reality is unfolding as it should and we are integrated into the very heart of this all encompassing, Enlightened Presence. The all poweful light of this ultimate consciousness fills the darkest caves and the most awesome black holes. There is no place where the Unexplainable Divine is not present. Rejoice in this moment for it is the door beyond which samsara fades away. Let us go beyond all doors, explode and merge into the pure light of MahaPariNirvana. There is no other reality then this. OM.

~Peace to all beings~

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Steven Crisp said...

James, I think that post sums it up very well. So can we all go home now?

Is it good enough to have this realization (which must be experienced) of the Self by oneself? Is there any need/motivation/purpose to trying to share it with others?

There are some that would say noting else matters. There are others that would say we need to translate this into compassion and love, to help our fellow sentient beings, with some obligation to try to alleviate their suffering, or at the very least not contribute to it.

I struggle with this (when I fall out of the Now -- never when I am fully present). Can I ask you to pull on this thread a little.

Again, great post.

"James" said...


Thank-you for your compliment.

For myself being a Buddhist in the Mahayana branch I have taken the Bodhisattva vow. That upon having this realization I will work to help others arrive at the same realization where I can.

My favorite verse regarding this course of action is the following from Santideva an 8th century Bodhisattva:

“For as long as space endures
And for as long as living beings remain,Until then may I too abide
To dispel the misery of the world.”

-Santideva, 8th century Bodhisattva

Colin said...

James, I find your blog truly inspiring. Can I feature and quote some of your entries on my Buddhist blog?

With metta,

"James" said...


Feel free to quote things I post here. :)

A lotus to you.

Anonymous said...

nothing,nothing,everything,nothing,nothing,everything to the end of infinity and back again now imagine the inimaginable is that possible and if it is can you explain it to me as if i was a newly born in a godly like tone of voice then again god is speechless, as word are from kaos like anything what is anything? where is the importance of life in it wrong to think that the purpose of life is to know itself and reproduce itself in all possible form as who or what knows where or when that knowledge will become apparent, this i know when it does space and time will split then between the two another begining.
now comes my question:can ALL that IS fit in a picture?
if yes, who took it?
if not,what Can not fit?

Anonymous said...

When talking about love we should make sure we are talking about the love for oneself, not the expected one or the one that is yourself and as you are loving you will without a doubt be loved.

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