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Monday, September 04, 2006

There is Nothing Such as Nirvana to be Sought.

Just understand that birth-and-death is itself nirvana. There is nothing such as birth and death to be avoided; there is nothing such as nirvana to be sought. Only when you realize this are you free from birth and death.

-Dogen, "Moon in a Dewdrop"

James: It's always easier then we like to make it isn't it? I really like the clear and concise teachings of Dogen. It is one that I take to heart and use to remind myself of the bigger picture of it all. The more I learn the less I realize that I need to "know" and the more I see that I need to let go. In letting go we "gain" so much more. I guess "gain" isn't the best word to describe what happens when we let go. What else can be said about this teaching? Words are so inadequate in describing the indescribable.

~Peace to all beings~

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theycallmemac said...

It's true. There is an infinite amount of knowledge that can be known and I find often times the more I seek new knowledge the more I feel inadequate with the knowledge I know and ultimately I think it is best to let go of that desire to know more.

Blissful said...

Yes, agree with you James.

There is a Chinese term 舍得 which are pronounced as "she de". "She" means "being willing to let go" and "de" means "gain" and when these two words come together to make up a term it simply means "willing to let go". Hence, it is implying when you are willing to let go of something, you are for sure gaining something in return.

May all of us stay peaceful and happy all the time. :)

isaiah said...

Yes, nothing to seek... It is Us all along, as we are, where we are.

Belly said...

James, today you made me smile, thank you.

take care! said...

a general comment: wanted to thank you for the link, but also, to say how i admire your invention of the word "blangha." it's funny, and fitting.

great blog, still!
the worst horse /

james said...
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"James" said...


I can not take credit for the term, "Blangha" but it is clever. :) Thanks for the compliment on the blog.

I bow to the Buddha within you.

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