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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Autumn Observations.

It has been a lovely, deary, over-cast, rainy past two days. There is a chill of change in the body and I welcome it with open arms. Change always brings new opportunities, new vistas and lessons to grow. A beautiful gift of new beginnings.

Dew shines all over the front juniper hedge as if diamonds where attached to every little, green, node of every branch. The birds fluff their feathers out to battle the chilly air and huddle around the bird feeder. They are so determined to keep their energy and body heat up that they barely spook or notice when walking in front of the window. Their chirping is reduced to little peeps and I smile with how cute that is to my ears. They are such delicate, precious creatures that are no more or no less important then the largest whale or elephant. It is my honor and responsibility to offer them food as I have taken vows of compassion and kindness towards all creatures.

Golden colored leaves have decended to rest in the grasp of the pine green hedge creating a relaxing yin and yang color contrast. The leaves are falling in a gentle dying process where they will become compost for gardens in the spring. New life will spring from their demise and the well known cycle of this life will continue. Pumpkins are born when most fruits and vegetables have long shriveled up and died. A beautiful, orange, plump reminder that events will unfold in their own time and there is no use clutching them and trying to control their karmic DNA. Such prideful action only leaves us tired, frustrated and unbalanced.

Isn't autumn wonderful?!!

Breathing in, I take in the peace of the moment. Breathing out I realize the impermanence of the peaceful moment.

PHOTO CREDIT: Autumn in Denali National Park.

~Peace to all beings

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Sadiq M. Alam said...

wonderful indeed!

reminds us the presence of the Eternal Buddhahood (Divinity) in everything and everywhere.

Tim said...

I love your observation of the birds. It's the little things, eh? And pumpkins are the coolest, are they not?
Be well my new friend James, be well!

Angela Ferreira said...

I love autumn is a beautiful season and a very magical one...
I am looking forward to my meditation group gathering tonight!

Dave said...

Your words floated of the screen and into my soul. They are soothing and refreshing. You describe the Autumn as it is. Thank you.

Dukkha Earl said...

Swell picture - full of color and texture. Did you take that yourself? I need to get me to Denali.

Natasha said...

Dear virtual Sangha brothers and sisters,

Please excuse me for posting on this thread, but I just wanted to share that today is Thich Nhat Hanh's 80th Birthday. (This is my first comment here so, Hello ;)

I'm in France a few hours away but haven't been able to make it over there. So I just wanted to reach out virtually to others on the Path and say,

Isn't it cool? Thay's 80! Happy Birthday, Thay.

I just really wanted to share it with others. I read two of his poems out loud to a thunderstorm today, which felt good.

Thanks for listening.

"James" said...


Blissful Oneness. What else is there?


Birds are small, yet with such a huge spirit. I love how pumpkins are transformed into grinning, candle-lit heads this time of year. They are fun reminders that pumpkins are just as alive as we are and full of infinite connections and possible faces. :)


Magical indeed. There is such a great energy in the air. Vibrant, electric, transitory energy that brings so much joy to many people. Our fragile nature is brought to the fore front of our minds during this time of year where temperatures are cooling off. We realize how easily we can die from the cold if not for many blessings.


I am glad that my humble words touched your being in such a positive way. May you always feel that soothing energy.


No, I found the picture off the web. I too would like to visit Denali park. I feel that Buddha-nature/God/The Divine/Oneness (whatever you call it) is easiest to feel and see in nature. Although we know it is everywhere and available to us in every moment and in everything.



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